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piratechallenge's Journal

Pirate Challenge
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Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fic Challenge!

If you ever feel the urge to write Piratefic but aren't sure how to start, then you've come to the right place.

Every few days, a new challenge will be issued to give you a prompt and hopefully inspire a story. You will have a certain amount of time to complete each challenge and when the time is up, you will receive a banner for having submitted a story to piratechallenge

Here's the break down...

1. The challenge is issued along with the deadline for entries.

2. Interpret the prompt however you wish - creativity is a beautiful thing - then write a story and submit it before the time runs out.
To submit a story, make a post to the community WITH an LJ Cut. i.e. Update your journal and under 'Post To:' select piratechallenge.
To make an LJ cut simply put <*lj-cut> (without the star) before the story.

3. All posts will be moderated, so the fic will NOT be visible until the challenge has ended.

4. Once the challenge has ended, please read and review any of the other submissions to support your fellow authors. If you miss the deadline of a challenge and still want to submit your story, or if you missed a challenge and want to write for it, feel to send in a fic for open submissions which will be approved at the end of the month (or sooner if there are enough). Open submissions will not be eligible for a challenge banner, but any submission to an active challenge is. For status of the active, in-progress challenges visit the front page of piratechallenge

Now, here be the rules.

1. All entries MUST be written for this community and should NOT be posted anywhere until AFTER the challenge has ended. If you've started something but never posted it anywhere -including any private/personal journals - then please feel free to finish and enter it.

2. Plagiarism is a NO. We might all be love Pirates here, but if the work is not your own, it will be deleted if credit is not given. That said, the idea for this comm came from me being a part of speed_rent.

3. Reviews and comments to stories are wonderful and always encouraged, but please be kind, courteous and sensitive to the authors who worked hard on their fics.

4. Anything you want to write is fair game here. This includes het, slash, threesomes, moresomes, NC-17, BDSM, kinky things with the kracken....whatever. But you MUST include a warning if anything is not G-rated hugs and puppies. K?

5. Ideas for challenge prompts are always welcome. You may comment to this post with any ideas you have or things you'd like to see prompted. The comments will be screened so no one else can see them. If/when they are used, I'll delete the comment to keep things clean.

Last, if you have any questions...please email me - elvensorceress@livejournal.com or catch me on AIM - ArtGrrl210 :)

Have fun and happy writing!

Here's all the links to challenge archives:
1: candle, secret, debt
2: stolen
3: swordfight, torn, precious
4: weather
5: Sparribeth, whipping
6: scars and HOW
7: opportune moment (argument/lost object/kiss)
8: minor character (superstition/revelation/hidden)
9: man lost everything
10: Fixit!
11: ghosts/haunted
12: The Big One
13: rum on the beach
14: Will/Anamaria
15: jealousy
16: shipwrecked (2nd author)
17: gap filler
18: Norribossa
19: misery loves company
20: rescuing Jack

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