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Awards for challenge 2!

Hi everyone!
Thanks for being so patient. I'm in the middle of packing and moving 300+ miles, so things are pretty crazy for me at the moment and I just want to say that you are all fantastic. But now! What you've all been waiting for...

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Also, I'd like to get some more votes on challenge 3 before I tally and make banners for that one, so everyone go vote!
Thanks again!

Challenge #3, luvvies!

Title: Treasure Everything
Author: Keelie Hall
Pairing/Characters: Turrow
Word Count: Er, lots? I'm on a computer right now with no handy word count tool, and I'm a wee tired and lazy right now. It's about 4 pages, savvy?
Rating: PG for some violence and kissing
Genre: Pirate love, luv.
Summary: Will goes on a journey to find Jack and uncovers unexpected things.
Spoilers: This fic is post-DMC so please keep that in mind before reading if you haven’t yet seen it (and if you haven’t, well…get to it, mate!)
Warnings: And God said, let the turrow be made of love and hate...Mush and confusion await you, mates.
Disclaimer: Disney owns the lads; I just obsess over them.
Notes: I didn't have as much time to spare for this one as it needed, so if it reads a little disorganized or anything, please let me know and I'll try to improve it for the future. I thought about bagging this one, but I just couldn't! My ship may have a leak but it is unsinkable ;) Ah, I don't even think I'm making sense anymore...Where's the rum?!
Special Thanks: My beta for offering to beta for me, even though I didn't finish it early enough to have 'er look over it!

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Title: Like Rain On Your Wedding Day
Author: pyraterose or Kee
Pairing/Characters: Elizabeth/Will, Estella, Mr.Brown, Gillette
Word Count: Enough XD
Rating: G
Genre: General, missing scene
Summary: Before they are to be married, Elizabeth and Will are getting ready. Elizabeth is having a feeling that something bad is going to happen when she notices the grey skies. At the same time, Will gets a visit from some soldiers who want to arrest him, but Will Turner will not go quietly.
Disclaimer: The mouse owns it all. Bugger.
Spoilers: First scene of POTC DMC
Warnings: ummm...none....lame sword fight cuz I can't write action scenes.
Special Thanks:
elvensorceress cuz she rocks.

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Sword Handling

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Title: Sword Handling
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 848
Rating: eh... Pg-13 ish
Genre: Humor, Angst
Summary: Elizabeth challenges Jack to a swordfight.
Disclaimer: If I owned them the visions in my head would be dancing across your tv screen.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: Contains sexual inuendos and swordfighting
Notes: Enjoy!
Special Thanks: To Jenny for making this fantabulous community J

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Challenge the third

Title: Running Out of Shirts
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 344
Rating: PG, probably
Genre: Silly
Summary: Jack and Norrington have a swordfight.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns them and I have no money.
Spoilers: None whatsoever. Outside of movie-time.
Warnings: None really. Men kissing is all I can think of.
Special Thanks: Thanks to witchbabyweetz for the beta. ^_^ And thanks to Ring of Steel for teaching me stage combat.
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Will Serious by ambayuun

Challenge #3: 'Mirror Image'

Title: Mirror Image
Author: Geek Mama
Pairing/Characters: W/E; J/E implied
Word Count: 1,118
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Het Action/Romance/Angst
Summary: Set between the movies, Will teaches Elizabeth how to handle a sword
Disclaimer: Disney's. Borrowed without permission.
Spoilers: For CotBP.
Warnings: None
Notes: Nope
Special Thanks: To hereswith for invaluable editing, suggestions, and encouragement. *throws kisses*

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Challenge #3

Title: The Fight
Author: kirana_44
Characters/Pairings Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned, Jack/Will/Elizabeth
Word Count: 849
Rating:PG or PG-13
Summary: If this didn't stop soon they'd all lose.
Disclaimer: So very very not mine, if they were I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans and rent so much.
Spoilers: Mention of events in DMC.
Notes: Takes place sometime after the second movie.

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Of Blood and Man - Challenge #3

Title: Of Blood and Man
Author: mmmfishfingers
Pairing/Characters: Ragetti, honorable mention of Pintel
Word Count: 645
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst/Drama
Summary: A further look into Ragetti's past.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but Mildred.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Character death.
Notes: Set immediately after An Eye for an Eye.
Special Thanks: To nazgul_number_7 and caelia_canta for reading this over and being just as concerned for my subconcious as I am.

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