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Challenge End

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/13/06 at 10:37 pm
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CHALLENGE #8 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 11 pm EST on Tuesday August 15th to vote.
(No Anonymous voting)



Jack Sprrow Books!

Posted by kumicho_zz on 8/13/06 at 08:53 am
Look no further my friends. Here is a link to all the info you need to get those elusive Jack Sparrow books!

Liz pirate

Challenge #8

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/11/06 at 09:59 pm
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Hi everyone,
I have some Mod babble to do right now, so here's the deal...this is the last semi-short challenge for a while. The whole new-challenge-every-day thing does get very taxing. I did it on and off for 7 months, so goodness! I know how you feel.

Next, I didn't make this community out to BE a speed one all the time, but I wanted to get some challenges under our belt to get things going and because I'm not going to have as much online time very soon.

As a heads up, I want to make Challenge 10 one where you go back and choose one of the previous challenges to complete. So, if you missed something and are dying to try it, you will get a chance. And you can start planning for it now if you want.

Also, I have had some questions regarding one of the rules - the one that says "no original characters" - so, I'd like to explain a little more..... my reasoning behind the 'no original characters' rule is because, I think, we are here for Pirates of the Caribbean fic. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea by me saying this because there isn't anything wrong with original fiction or creating new characters for the Pirates ones to interact with...but the intention of this community is to direct people into writing and exploring the Pirates characters. If this is done through OC's (such as giving them parents and siblings and old lovers and enemies and such), then I think it's perfectly acceptable....I just really want to avoid the whole 'Mary Sue' territory, you know? If you're creating a history and a whole world for one of the Pirates characters, then by all means, use OC's and whatever else you wish to do so. Just remember this is meant to be a Pirates community.

If you ever have a question about it, skyndsam or I would be happy to answer.

With that said... I would really like to hear your opinions on any and all of this. I mean, this is a community and I want you all to have a say. If you want, we can have a challenge that is a month long, or one that allows any OC's you can dream up. You just have to ask. Let me know what would make you guys happy.

And if you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment to share any opinion you have, then you are welcome to email me. elvensorceress@livejournal.com

OK? :)


CHALLENGE #8Collapse )

st tos: kirk/spock

Challenge #7: Commandeer the Atmosphere

Posted by gorthead on 8/11/06 at 11:41 pm
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Title: Commandeer the Atmosphere
Author: gorthead
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 893
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluffy fluffiness
Summary: Elizabeth finds herself at odds with the compass, and Jack figures a few things out.
Disclaimer: They're not mine, they're Disney's. I would make up something witty to put here, but I managed to leave this to the last second.
Spoilers: Really, indescribably vague DMC spoilers.
Warnings: Schmoop and "this was written in about an hour, so beware" syndrome. :P
Notes: I missed this challenge a lot while I was in the Bahamas, so I really wanted to submit something! Unfortunately, I had a very busy day, so I haven't even had time to reread this.
Special Thanks: supermeghan and her Jack/Elizabeth mix. I am at her house right now, and we've been brainstorming and generally flailing about J/E most of the evening. This is always inspiring. Also, Architecture in Helsinki, for writing "Wishbone", which is amazingly J/E, and gave me a title for this fic.

Her thoughts were cut short by the unexpected brush of Jack’s hand on her shoulder; she stopped breathing.Collapse )

made by commodoreschick
Posted by commodoreschick on 8/11/06 at 11:19 pm
Title: An Argument of Pirates and Misplaced Naval Treaties
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Norrington, young!Elizabeth
Word Count: 1532
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Summary: Norrington, sick and searching for his book, meets an ally and an unlikely fellow student of naval theory. On the hunt for the book, though, it's every man for himself, pitting the lieutenant against the governor's daughter in race where anything goes.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None, except for some cuteness and Liz!manipulation.
Notes: Written very quickly, edited quickly. Somewhat sequel to 'A High Compliment Indeed'. Enjoy!

Aboard the Dauntless, a lieutenant was ill and in need of reading material.Collapse )


Challenge the seventh

Posted by estelendur on 8/11/06 at 10:00 pm
Title: Lost Your Mind?
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 349
Rating: PG
Genre: Silly.
Summary: Jack and James are having an argument. Comes sometime after my fic Sweet and Twisted.
Disclaimer: If I owned them I would be getting paid for this.
Spoilers: None at all.
Warnings: Men kissing.
Notes: The 'lost object' is not a tangible one... as the title may suggest.
Special Thanks: To the creators of this wonderful community.
James Norrington and Jack Sparrow were having an argument.Collapse )


Challenge 7

Posted by kirana_44 on 8/11/06 at 08:58 pm
Tittle: Just the Right Moment
Character: Jack
Rating: G
Word Count: 152
Genre: Gen?
Disclaimer: So very very not mine.
Spoilers: It could possibly be mildly spoilery for DMC.
Notes: This is a rather broad interpretation of the challenge, but I wanted to try something a little different.

Just the Right MomentCollapse )

Posted by summerstwilight on 8/11/06 at 05:56 pm
Title: An Opportune Proposal
Author: summerstwilight
Pairing/Characters: Estrella/Lt. Groves
Word Count: 1438
Rating: PG
Genre: general fic, with a touch of romance
Summary: Four days before Will and Elizabeth’s wedding, Elizabeth’s maid finds herself faced with a proposal of a different sort.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, they all belong to Disney. No money being made from this.
Spoilers: Just for CotBP
Warnings: none.
Notes: For those who don’t recognize the characters, Estrella is Elizabeth’s maid from the first movie, and Lt. Groves is the guy who said “That’s the best pirate I’ve ever seen.” Also, the lost item is found by the end and the argument is rather short
An Opportune ProposalCollapse )

one day at a time

Meetings - Challenge #7

Posted by mmmfishfingers on 8/11/06 at 07:47 pm
Title: Meetings
Author: mmmfishfingers
Pairing/Characters: Pintel, Ragetti, honorable mention of Twigg
Word Count: 640
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: How Pintel and Ragetti met.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even Ragetti's shoe, his left one, I mean.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.
Notes: None.
Special Thanks: to st_minority and nazgul_number_7 and my fish Ragetti. They know why :)

MeetingsCollapse )

Me and Matt

Challenge #7--Ball and Chain

Posted by heatherlayne_n on 8/11/06 at 05:46 pm
Title: Ball and Chain
Author: heatherlayne_n
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth, sort of Norrington/Elizabeth
Word Count: Approx. 1,300
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo and language
Genre: Snark, humour, bit of angst
Summary: The opportune moment, an argument, a lost item and a kiss. Not necessarily in that order. Jack unwittingly tricks Elizabeth into doing something she'll later regret, but it sure was awfully fun to write. There might possibly be more from a different perspective of the same night.
Disclaimer: Do I really have to say it?
Spoilers: Through DMC
Warnings: Uh... pirates? Beware!
Notes: My first ever PotC fic, and my first post here. Constructive criticism is welcome, especially on plot (I've only seen DMC once) and characterization (as I'm still "learning" them all). I know the end's a little iffy, but I'm getting the hang of things. I hope.
Special Thanks: To piratechallenge for inspiring (FINALLY) my first PotC fanfic!

Ball and ChainCollapse )

Elizabeth - Drag Queen

Challenge 7 Fic: What She Wants

Posted by moriath on 8/11/06 at 07:30 pm
Title: What She Wants
Author: moriath
Pairing/Characters: Tia Dalma/Elizabeth, past Tia Dalma/Jack
Word Count: 1294
Rating: PG
Genre: Mostly gen
Summary: Tia Dalma knows what she wants. And she knows everyone who wanders into her hut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sadly.
Spoilers: Dead Man's Chest
Warnings: Lil' bit of femmeslash in this one, at least on Tia Dalma's end, but I couldn't force anything more explicit into the fic.
Notes: It's a mild argument, a short kiss and it's more of a lost person than an object, but hopefully it still passes muster!

If Tia Dalma was anything, she was a woman who knew what she wantedCollapse )

as dead as a doornail

The Seventh Challenge

Posted by robes_of_earth on 8/12/06 at 04:51 am
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Title: Opportunity abounds.

Author: Penny-Elizabeth

Pairing/Characters: Barbossa (shock!)/Elizabeth (Barbossabeth? Elizabossa?)

Word Count: 993

Rating: erm…PG13ish.

Summary: A more extended version of events one night aboard the Black Pearl.

Disclaimer: As weird as it sounds, pirates belong to the cheese-eater...

Spoilers: none. Not even for those slackies who haven’t seen DMC!

Warnings: cocktease!Elizabeth

Notes: After Elizabeth has had her fill of food and the coin has had it’s story told, things mellow down and the rum makes things cosier.

Special Thanks: Everyone, doing everything everywhere. I love you all. You know, if you write a drunk character, it actually makes you feel drunk! *falls down*

Every moment is filled with prospect.Collapse )


Challenge # 6: No Truth At All

Posted by gaya_hriive on 8/11/06 at 07:45 am
Title: No Truth At All
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: Roughly 1600
Rating: PG-13 for mention of violence and such
Genre: Angst
Summary: Elizabeth beseeches Jack to delve into his past and tell her the tale of his first encounter with Cutler Becket that led to the bullet scars on his chest and the brand on his arm.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even the computer I'm using to write this.
Spoilers: erm BP, maybe
Warnings: Jack gets serious and sentimental. Be warned.
Notes: I got the idea for this from watching the "No Truth At All" deleted scene on CBP. I enjoyed writing it so I hope all of you enjoy reading it. It could use more detail but I was rushing to get it finished at all so perhaps later I'll re visit it and add some more piratey goodness to it.
Special Thanks: To my awesome, wonderufl, fantabulistic BETA mistress_gwen

No Truth At AllCollapse )

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge End

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/11/06 at 09:17 pm
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CHALLENGE #7 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 11 pm EST on Sunday August 13th to vote.
(No Anonymous voting)


Willow/Tara spin

Awards for challenge 5

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/11/06 at 12:04 am
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Love for everyone. You are wonderful :)

banner goodness for all!Collapse )

tied for third...Collapse )

secondCollapse )

firstCollapse )

Good job everyone!

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge #7

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/10/06 at 10:29 pm
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Do we like SPEED?

CHALLENGE #7Collapse )


Challenge #6

Posted by st_minority on 8/10/06 at 10:41 pm
Current Mood: blankblank
Title: An Act of Compassion
By: St. Minority
Characters: Bootstrap Bill and Will Turner
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: Whipping in progress (though nothing graphic or anything)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such.
Word Count: 425
Genre: Drama
Summary: How can it be called compassion when a father has to flog his own son?
Spoilers: DMC spoiler
A/N: This was a lot harder than I had expected it to be. I'm just glad I got something written! I wish I could've done something more with it, but sadly, nothing was coming. Ah well. Show some love for Bootstrap! ;)

The cat's out of the bag, Mr. Turner!

Challenge #6 - Every Scar Has A Story

Posted by witchbabyweetz on 8/10/06 at 10:46 pm
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Title:Every Scar Has A Story
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Will/Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned
Word Count: 2000ish
Rating: PG
Genre: Willington, savvy?
Summary: Norrington reflects on the strange chain of events that brought Will into his life, and the scars that tell the story...
Disclaimer: Disney owns, damn it all.
Spoilers: Very post-DMC. Here they be spoilers, mate.
Warnings: While I’m a huge Jack-lover, this one could be a wee anti-Jack and Elizabeth, but it just had to be. I don’t mean it, luv! But Norrington does ;)
Notes: There were a million different stories and different characters I wanted to write for this one, so maybe someday I’ll work those ideas into something...I so wish I had created Jack & Co. - I would publish countless novels about them!
Special Thanks: My beta, as always, estelendur

Every scar has a story, or so the age-old adage goes. Some bodies are littered with scars, mapping out a person’s life in pocks, tracks, marks, and old wounds. Some never heal; they just blister over and fester and boil underneath. I’ve got a few scars you can see, but they aren’t the ones that torture me. They aren’t the ones that tell my story. They’re not even mine, you see...Collapse )

OMG WTF BBQ Capt. Jack Sparrow

Challenge 6 Fic: Palm of Her Hand

Posted by moriath on 8/10/06 at 10:00 pm
Title: Palm of Her Hand
Author: moriath
Pairing/Characters: Elizabeth
Word Count: 408
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Summary: Elizabeth muses on what binds her, Will and Captain Sparrow together
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me. I'm simply responsible for putting imaginary thoughts into their heads.
Spoilers: For the first movie, I suppose.
Notes: Set shortly after the first movie, thus no spoilers for DMC. My first entry here, and my first gen Pirates fic (usually I try to cram some femmeslashy goodness in, but not this time. woe).

Elizabeth still cringed....Collapse )

Title: Cracked Bowl, Scarred Heart
Author: mmmfishfingers
Characters: Ragetti, Pintel, honorable mention of Mildred
Word Count: 609
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Summary: Continuing look into Ragetti's past.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except the brief mention of Mildred.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Be sure to have read Eye for an Eye, Of Blood and Man, Weathered Memories, and Calico Skies before reading this.
Special Thanks: to nazgul_number_7 for everything.

Cracked Bowl, Scarred HeartCollapse )


Challenge six -- Hollowed.

Posted by elskegaderian on 8/10/06 at 05:39 pm
Current Mood: goodgood
Title: Hollowed.
Author: Elske (elskegaderian)
Pairing/Characters: paring - Davy Jones/that woman (implied). Other notable characters - James Norrington, Tia Dalma.
Word Count: 446
Rating: Nothing worse than in the films. (So that's what, PG-13?)
Genre: Angst. Boatloads of it. (It's Davy Jones, after all!)
Summary: Four scenes in the life of Davy Jones.
Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing the characters, written for fun and not profit, etcetera!
Spoilers: Much spoilerage for Dead Man's Chest.
Warnings: ...have I mentioned the angst? It might border on melodramatic, but what do you expect from the man who carved out his heart and locked it away from the world? (:
Notes: The four vignettes move in reverse-chronological order. Just noting this so no-one's confused!
Special Thanks: To this entire community; it's wonderful!

Hollowed.Collapse )

by &lt;lj user=&quot;fadexintoyou&quot;&gt;
Posted by pyraterose on 8/10/06 at 01:11 pm
Title: Scars That Never Heal
Author:pyraterose or Keira
Pairing/Characters: past Elizabeth/Will, present Elizabeth/Jack, Estella/Will
Word Count: 438
Rating: G
Genre: general/angst
Summary: Will reflects on the sacrifices he's made for a love he's lost and the marks she left.
Disclaimer: The mouse owns it :(
Spoilers: none....
Warnings: none.
Special Thanks:jangojips
for proofing for me last night *squishes*

He had never felt even the slightest bit for Estella what he'd felt for Elizabeth....Collapse )

Challenge #6

Posted by vintage__cherry on 8/10/06 at 05:49 pm
Title: Of blood, war and betrayal.
Author: vintage__cherry
Characters: James Norrington slight mention of Elizabeth Swann.
Word Count: 222
Rating: PG
Genre: Erm…I have no idea.
Summary: James’ first scar and what it will lead to.
Disclaimer: Own nothing, wish I could characters belong to the mouse…unfortunately.
Spoilers: None unless you haven’t seen Curse of the Black Pearl
Warnings: none
Notes: none
Special Thanks: to elvensorceress for putting up with my whining.

Of blood, war and betrayalCollapse )

as dead as a doornail

Challenge entry

Posted by robes_of_earth on 8/11/06 at 01:57 am
Title: The Body is a Map

Author: Penny-Elizabeth

Pairing/Characters: Barbossa/random whore

Word Count: 747 I think

Rating: let’s say NC17

Genre: erotique ^_^

Summary: Barbossa visits a ‘house of ill repute’

Disclaimer: Mouse = ownage.

Spoilers: If you ain’t seen ‘em both yet, you don’t deserve to be protected!

Warnings: Only if Nice!Barbossa frightens you

Notes: I based this on my thoughts about the curse, about how a man like Barbossa who clearly enjoys the finer things of life (pirating was probably just about the most hedonistic thing you could do back then) would deal with not being able to find fulfilment in anything. I decided he’d adapt himself to enjoying the act of watching others enjoy themselves- he clearly enjoyed watching Elizabeth eat that night on the Black Pearl.

Special Thanks: To Geoffrey and his apple! Joy!!

Barbossa leaned against the heavy oak and cracking leather of the old chair. The room was dark save for a few fat candles burning low in their holders by the bed. Downstairs the sounds of fighting, gambling and singing could be heard. Drunken men and women were spilling out into the streets, shouting at each other and kissing in the shadows.Collapse )


Challenge the sixth

Posted by estelendur on 8/10/06 at 01:25 am
Title: Sweet and Twisted
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington, Jack/OC (male)
Word Count: 1522
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Some hurt/comfort. Also a bit of romance, a bit of violence, a bit of snark, a bit of "awww" (I hope)
Summary: Norrington's been taken captive by Jack's crew.
Disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, with every intention of bringing them back, in more or less the condition they were borrowed in.
Spoilers: Spoilers for parts of DMC
Warnings: None.
Notes: I thought this one was done after Jack's scar story, but nooo, it wanted to continue. I'm glad it did, though. This was written for the specific purpose of using the line "That's the sweetest, most twisted thing anyone's ever done for me."
Special Thanks: To witchbabyweetz for being a wonderful beta, and to Dan Shive for coming up with great dialogue in his comic.
Norrington sat in the brig of the Black Pearl, cursing the luck that had him encounter Jack Sparrow's very angry crew with his own ship's crew nowhere to be found.Collapse )


Challenge # Six: A Pirate and a Good Man

Posted by kumicho_zz on 8/9/06 at 08:08 pm
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Title: A Pirate and a Good Man.
Author: ZZ
Pairing/Characters: None
Word Count: 410
Rating: PG
Genre: vignette
Summary: Jack has an inner monologue with his younger self as he escapes from the Kraken
Disclaimer: None
Spoilers: Dead Man's Chest
Warnings: None
Notes: Although the the dialogue takes place in Jack's mind, older Jack's thoughts will be written in "quotes" while younger Jack will be italicized.
Special Thanks: my betas
A Pirate and a Good ManCollapse )

[fma] ready for the world about to come

Challenge #6 - Crossed Out

Posted by sixpences on 8/9/06 at 11:07 pm
Title: Crossed Out
Author: sixpences
Pairing/Characters: Will/Elizabeth, implied Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 924
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Summary: Will has a telling accident on the way to world's end.
Disclaimer: I merely borrow from the great mouse *doffs hat*
Spoilers: for DMC
Warnings: Contains blood (but no guts).
Notes: Hurrah, my first challenge fic. How exciting!

Normal was not something Will was very good at right nowCollapse )

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge End

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/10/06 at 10:24 pm
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CHALLENGE #6 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 11 pm EST on Friday August 11th to vote.
(No Anonymous voting)


Willow/Tara spin

Awards for challenge 4

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/10/06 at 11:40 am
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Love for everyone. You are wonderful :)

banner goodness for all!Collapse )

tied for third...Collapse )

secondCollapse )

firstCollapse )

Thanks everyone!

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge #6

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/9/06 at 03:33 am
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Also a little speedy...

CHALLENGE #6Collapse )

Challenge #4

Posted by summerstwilight on 8/9/06 at 06:35 am
Title: Reaching for the Horizon
Author: summerstwilight
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth, implied Will Jr/Norrington
Word Count: 911
Rating: PG
Genre: general drama
Summary: Elizabeth’s son learns a little more about his mother, and is not entirely sure how to react
Disclaimer: Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to Disney.
Spoilers: General spoilers for both movies
Warnings: implied possible future slash
Notes: Because I caught the challenge right at the end I didn’t have an opportunity to have this beta’d. Any mistakes are completely mine, and I apologize for any you might come across.

Reaching for the HorizonCollapse )


Challenge 5: Try Not to Breathe

Posted by scifiroots on 8/8/06 at 11:53 pm
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: R.E.M. - Try Not to Breathe

Try Not to Breathe
By Clarity Scifiroots
Pairings: pre-Will/Jack, implied Will/Elizabeth, implied Jack/Elizabeth, implied Norrington/AnaMaria, implied Norrington/Elizabeth
Word Count: 5,252
Rating: Teen – strong sexual language in parts
Genre: Drama
Summary: The beginning of an important journey.
Disclaimers apply, it’s fanfiction afterall. Title comes from an R.E.M. song that I saw on my playlist while seeking out a title.
Spoilers: Crazy amounts for all of DMC, set post-movie.
Warnings: Crazy implications of all sorts of pairings. But seriously, nothing much.
Notes: My first participation in piratechallenge!  Blink and you'll miss the required required mention of whipping. And please be aware that I was falling asleep by the last scene so I apologize for any incoherency.

the heart knowsCollapse )


Challenge #5

Posted by kirana_44 on 8/9/06 at 01:12 am
Title: Tending Wounds
Author: kirana_44
Characters/Pairings: Will/Elizabeth and Norrington/Elizabeth mentioned, Jack/Elizabeth, Will/Norrington implied
Word Count: 386
Summary: Will and James finally find some common ground.
Disclaimer: So very very not mine, if they were I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans and rent so much.
Spoilers: Mention of events in DMC. Speculation on the third movie.
Notes: Takes place sometime during or after the third movie.
Wasn't expecting to actually write anything for this one. Turns out sitting around waiting for ones boyfriend to call can actually be turned into something productive.

In the end James had realized that respectability wasn't all he'd rememberd.Collapse )

by &lt;lj user=&quot;fadexintoyou&quot;&gt;
Posted by pyraterose on 8/8/06 at 11:41 pm
Current Location: home
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Current Music: none
Title: Merely a Fleeting Desire
Author:pyraterose  aka Kee or Keira, you choose. ^_^
Pairing/Characters: past Norry/Elizabeth, present Will/Elizabeth and present Jack/Elizabeth. My that woman gets around! Lucky wench.
Word Count: 660
Rating: erm...PG for a swear word.
Genre: General.
Summary: Lizzie's a player. The two men who's hearts she's broken reflect as they see her messing around with a certain pirate captain on two different occasions.
Disclaimer: I just play with them. The mouse owns 'em.
Spoilers: A few DMC J/E things and the ending of DMC.
Warnings: nope.
Notes: nope.
Special Thanks: to  and liquidwind two of my real-life friends who beta-ed and gave input. jangojips came up with the title and  liquidwind gets thanks for saying that my writing skills have improved immeasurably since I was 14. Which was 4 years ago. And for just now noticing that I'm better than I was in 9th grade. Dork. And also for admitting she's been secretly shipping J/E for the last 3 years, just like me.

Perhaps it was just curiousity...Collapse )

Challenge # 5 already! Woo hoo!

Posted by witchbabyweetz on 8/8/06 at 09:25 pm
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Title: A Changing of the Tide
Author: witchbabyweetz
Characters/Pairing: Will/Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned
Word Count: roughly 700
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst and love
Summary: Will tries to understand why Jack took Elizabeth away from him and what this might mean for him and Norrington.
Disclaimer: Thank you Walt Disney for creating these beautiful, fascinating men (and woman, I suppose).
Spoilers: None, really. I imagine it sometime post-DMC, but that’s not really integral or giving away anything.
Notes: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I went way shorter than usual (for fear that no one wants to read me long ones and partly because of tiredness/time constraints), and I feel like it doesn’t explain enough or flow. But who knows? If you’d like to tell me I’m wrong, I won’t argue ;)
Special Thanks: Betas are love – thanks estelendur!

Will turned to take off his shirt. (Author's note: What more of an intro do you need?!)Collapse )

made by commodoreschick

Challenge 5: The Other Side to Fairy Tales

Posted by commodoreschick on 8/8/06 at 11:21 pm
Current Music: Snow Patrol-- "Chasing Cars"
Title: The Other Side to Fairy Tales
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Jack/ Elizabeth, Norrington, Will
Word Count: 1469
Rating: PG-13 for drinking and swearing. Norrie drinks, Will swears: it all evens out. ;D Gun violence, too, now that I think of it.
Genre: Angst/Humour (does this even exist?)
Summary: Set at the end of the "Pirates" trilogy. Elizabeth sails off with Jack,  Norrington educates Will about fairy tales and what happens to those who don't "live happily ever after". The two rejected try to cope with their loss, but instead decide on another plan of action. Some angst at the beginning, humour and general good-feeling at the end.
Disclaimer: I am owned by "Pirates of the Caribbean". It forces me to stay up late and write when I should be doing other, more important summer projects for school and sleeping. It has taken over my life for the time being, thus do I shamelessly admit that I am playing with characters that aren't even mine.
Spoilers: None, surprisingly, considering that it takes place after everything has ended. Slight DMC, if you count the compass' purpose.
Warnings: Do not attempt to educate Will about fairies without the proper permit and registration. Norrington is a trained and liscensed professional. Any stunts performed in this fic should not be attempted at home. Thank you.
Notes: This started off as another angst piece, Will and Norrington watching their mutual beloved sail off with Jack Sparrow. Half-way through, I changed course for a "different" sort of ending, the kind I think PotC should have. One of them's bound to get the girl, but what about the other two? This, again, proves how much of a sap I am and forever shall be. Also, to further accent my historical accuracy, I'm not sure if the story I'm alluding in there to even exists in PotC time. But let's pretend it does. ;D
Special Thanks: To the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Fairy Books, because at midnight I cannot remember which of them contains "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". I figure I had better thank them all, just in case.

A young man, blacksmith by trade and pirate by birthright, sat down on the docks aside the former commodore.Collapse )

Not what it looks like

Challenge # 5: Which Hurts More?

Posted by gaya_hriive on 8/8/06 at 09:57 pm

Title: Which Hurts More?
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Mention of J/E, Norrington, Will
Word Count: 691
Rating: R for violence
Genre: Angst
Summary: Norrington tries to beat the truth out of Will.
Disclaimer: Violence and snark
Spoilers: erm, DMC just to be on the safe side
Warnings: Gratuitous whipping.
Notes: If you all like this then I may consider turning it into a full blown fic. R&R!!!
Special Thanks: To everyone! I love you all!

Which Hurts More?Collapse )

Misc - boreas small

Challenge #5 - Irony

Posted by kirkes_island on 8/9/06 at 02:25 am
Title: Irony
Author: kirkes_island
Pairing/Characters: Will, Norrington, mention of Jack and Elizabeth
Word Count: 614
Rating: PG? There’s mention of whipping after all
Genre: General
Summary: Oh my – well, a swordfight, on a wheel, with added banter
Disclaimer: All theirs, not mine. If they were mine, there’d be less running around and more kissing in the movies.
Spoilers: Well, if you STILL haven’t seen the second part – I can’t help you either.
Warnings: None that I can think of. Hurt!Will and Bitter!Norrington.
Notes: The idea was born because the (non-)wedding in the beginning confused the hell out of me.

This was exactly the kind of challenge Will had been waiting for.Collapse )

Pirate Challenge #5

Posted by peacey on 8/8/06 at 04:43 pm
This is my first post to this community, my first Pirates ficlet, and my first try at attempting an "LJ cut". Hopefully, all goes well.

Title: Justice Is Its Own Reward
Author: Peacey
Pairing/Characters: Will Turner Jr./Norrington
Word Count: 1583 (including this heading)
Rating: Say PG-13ish for modest, implied slashiness and a hint of implied sadomasochism (no actual acts of such though)
Genre: No romance, little angst, a touch of humor maybe.
Summary: Will Jr. seeks out justice.
Disclaimer: Mickey owns 'em. I play with 'em. No money, don't sue.
Spoilers: DMC, the kissing parts.
Warnings: Implied slashiness & a predilection towards sadomasochism (nothing overt or specific)
Special Thanks: To me for getting this bunny out of my head so I can continue to work on my real book.

Justice Is Its Own Reward


Challenge the fifth

Posted by estelendur on 8/8/06 at 12:45 pm
Title: A Gift From Jack
Author: Estelendur
Pairing/Characters: Will, Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned, lots of stuff implied
Word Count: 433
Rating: PG
Genre: ...I dunno. Drama?
Summary: Will's mad at Jack. Norrington wants to know why. Set after DMC and PotC3.
Disclaimer: I am not an anthropomorphous mouse. Therefore they aren't mine.
Spoilers: Minor DMC spoilers. No mentions of
Warnings: None
Notes: I wrote this in about 20 minutes. Fun.
Special Thanks: To witchbabyweetz for the beta. :)
It's a fic!Collapse )


Challenge Five -- This Pirate Fixation.

Posted by elskegaderian on 8/8/06 at 12:33 pm
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Title: This Pirate Fixation.

Author: Elske [elskegaderian]

Pairing/Characters: genfic, with Elizabeth, Will, Norrington and mention of Jack.

Word Count: 774.

Rating: Safe for all ages.

Genre: Um. Slightly-humourous genfic? That's what I intended, anyway. (:

Summary: In which young Will doesn't share young Elizabeth's fixation for pirates, Norrington is certainly not jealous that Will's getting all of Elizabeth's attention, and Elizabeth's quite fond of a certain Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, sadly enough. Written for fun, not profit, and all of that.

Spoilers: For just a few things in Curse, nothing major. Set just after the flashback where Elizabeth first meets Will.

Warnings: ...um, probable historical inaccuracies? I'm good at slip-ups with my historical accuracy. No major warnings, though, it's just a little piece of genfic.

Notes: Inspired, in part, by the part on the Jack/Kiera commentary track where he mentions that Norrington and Elizabeth would have been friends for quite a few years. I couldn't decide what Norrington's rank was supposed to be here - I think the movie possibly calls him Lieutenant, but the novelization refers to him as Captain, and I quite like the title "Captain Norrington".
I am possibly stretching the required Elizabeth/Jack romance, but hopefully I get points for creativity. (:

Special Thanks: To whoever came up with this challenge. Writing this was the most fun I've had in days!

This Pirate FixationCollapse )

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge End

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/9/06 at 03:29 am
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CHALLENGE #5 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 11 pm EST on Thursday August 10th to vote.
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Willow/Tara spin

Challenge #5

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/7/06 at 10:09 pm
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For your fifth challenge... you need some SPEED ;)

CHALLENGE #5Collapse )


Challenge #4

Posted by st_minority on 8/7/06 at 10:45 pm
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Title: A Change in the Wind
By: St. Minority
Characters: Jack, Barbossa, William
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: Violence, very brief language
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such.
Word Count: around 2,000
Genre: Drama
Summary: Take what you can, give nothing back.
A/N: Thanks to mmmfishfingers for your help!

Compelled by Greed

one day at a time

Calico Skies - Challenge #4

Posted by mmmfishfingers on 8/7/06 at 08:58 pm
Title: Calico Skies
Author: mmmfishfingers
Pairing/Characters: Ragetti (surprise, surprise), honorable mention of Pintel
Word Count: 752
Rating: G
Genre: General
Summary: A further look into Ragetti's past. How he and Mildred met.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Except Mildred and Mr. Greene.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Based off Sir Paul McCartney's "Calico Skies".
Special Thanks: To skyndsam and elvensorceress. And to nazgul_number_7 for the help with Ragetti's first name.

Calico SkiesCollapse )

made by commodoreschick

Challenge 4-- A Pirate's Minuet

Posted by commodoreschick on 8/7/06 at 05:50 pm
Title: A Pirate's Minuet
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Norrington, Elizabeth, various drunken personages of Tortuga
Word Count: 942
Rating: PG-13 for darkness, drunkness, random musical terms
Genre: Dark/ Action
Summary: It's another clear night in Tortuga and things are about to get stormy at a local tavern. A tribute to the kick-arse fighting scene featuring the fallen commodore and his nifty sword skills.
Disclaimer: This should be categorized as being blatantly not mine. The characters are not mine. The scene is directly taken from the second movie, as are snippets of the dialogue. The action I describe is not mine, I don't own the inn or the swords, or Norrie...*sob*
Spoilers: DMC spoilers
Warnings: Much. Angsting at the end, severe lack of humour, loads upon loads of descriptive words, at least four types of dances, and the pronouns! Oh, the pronouns! ... It's enough to make any hardened writer shiver. xD *lol*
Notes: This is an mild!angst, dark story. It's not totally doom-and-gloom because I think I'm too much of a sap to be able to write anything that does not feature cuteness in one way or another. That being said though, this is my description of the night at Tortuga, where guns blaze and swords clash while a man forgotten to the world begins a minuet...
Special Thanks: To my mum who took me to see DMC (again) for the fourth time, which inspired this fic.  We're still not tired of it. ;D Also, to the excellent pirate-fight-scene music of the movie and to "The Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance.

Cast off into the StormCollapse )

Challenge # 4 - What A Woman Knows

Posted by witchbabyweetz on 8/7/06 at 06:04 am
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Current Music: Garbage - I'm Only Happy When It Rains ;)
Title: What a Woman Knows
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Tia Dalma/Elizabeth Swann. Tiabeth? Swanndalma? ;)
Word Count: 3000
Rating: arrRg.
Genre: Femmeslash, luv.
Summary: Tia's been experiencing a dry spell for quite a while, but when the rain comes, she finds reviving from an unexpected source.
Disclaimer: Disney owns 'em; I just play with 'em.
Spoilers: This fic is post-DMC so please keep that in mind before reading if you haven’t yet seen it (and if you haven’t, well…get to it, mate!)
Warnings: If you don't want to read about two lovely ladies learning about lady loving, well then...This is not the fic you're looking for, luv ;) (But for any wary shippers, I must note: It's not very graphic, and it's not all about sex! My usual character exploration serves as foreplay, in a manner of speaking...)
Notes: I tried to suggest Tia's accent with some spelling alterations here and there that hopefully are more helpful and faithful than cumbersome or sloppy-seeming. I find it hard to draw that line; it's like, I can hear her in my head saying everything perfectly, but whether or not I can communicate that is another thing entirely. I guess we'll see, won't we? Do let me know what you think!
Special Thanks: My loverly beta estelendur for braving the Tia/Liz action and for all of her comments and advice.

There was a storm brewing. Tia Dalma could feel it in her blood and bones like a slow, dull ache; like when the moon pulled between her legs every thirty days or so. Such an ache had begun to twist there too, but it was not one of pain or foreboding or of the moon’s doing. It was one of hunger, and as her eyes glazed over, envisioning something beyond her immediate surroundings, a scene no one else could see and she could scarcely even believe, Tia knew that when the rain fell, this growing hunger would be sated.Collapse )


Challenge the fourth

Posted by estelendur on 8/6/06 at 11:27 pm
Title: Mostly Conscious
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 554
Rating: PG for drunkenness
Genre: I don't know. Fluff?
Summary: Jack's drunk. Norrie's drunk. Assumes a prior relationship. Outside of movie-time.
Disclaimer: Disney owns them. Jack owns the rum.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Warnings: Slash. Men kissing.
Notes: No notes for you, sorry.
Special Thanks: To witchbabyweetz for the most helpful beta. :)
Click for ficCollapse )

Posted by vintage__cherry on 8/5/06 at 02:08 am
Title: A Challenge

Author: vintage__cherry

Pairing/Characters: Jack/James implied

Word Count: 121

Rating: PG

Genre: Humor

Summary: This is what my twisted little mind comes up with at 01.47 in the morning.

Disclaimer: Do I have black ears and eat cheese? Then it’s not mine…*looks up and touches head* at least I don’t think I do.

Spoilers: none that I know of but could be set in time of DMC

Warnings: It was written at 1 in the morning you tell me.

Notes: …musical?

Special Thanks: To spikedlove for making me think about gods which started this whole damn thing off!

A ChallengeCollapse )

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge End

Posted by elvensorceress on 8/7/06 at 09:21 pm
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CHALLENGE #4 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 10 pm EST on Wednesday August 9th to vote.
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