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What?! A challenge? No way...!

Hi, everyone. Until we get the prize list squared away, here's what I would like to do with the challenges I post and prizes:

1.) If you participate in the challenge and write a story, you get 10 points. You may submit as many stories as you would like as long as they are in accordance with the requirements and are in before the deadline. At the end of the challenge, I will make a post of where people stand, points-wise.

2.) I will offer bonus points TBD in each challenge for various things within the story, e.g., include: a sandbar, a doll, and a handshake; or for 50-cent words.

3.) First person to reach 100 points will receive a custom PotC wallpaper made by yours truly, featuring anyone you like (and I'm not above making naughty manips, either ;)).

4.) Everyone who submits will get a participation banner.

5.) Other than that, all rules apply.

Now, without further ado (adieu?), here is (a weekend speed challenge, as requested):

Write a fic. It can be any length, but must include:

1) Use this form at the beginning of your post
Word Count:
Special Thanks:

Then use an LJ cut by typing <*lj-cut text="insert story title or sentence blurb here"> without the star at the beginning.

2) I am a huge fan of backstory, so your challenge is to write a fic that features Jack & Tia Dalma before the movies.

2 bonus points for including how and why Tia Dalma gave Jack the compass
1 bonus point (for each) for including one of the following themes/motifs/thingies: tide pools, rust, contentment.
1 bonus point for each Harvard Vocab word used correctly in a sentence: "malleable," "quandary", "salubrious."

3) Original characters are allowed, but keep them minimal as it is the Pirates characters that we want to focus on. NO crossovers.

4) You MUST write a new story for this contest. Previously written stories are not accepted. Submissions will be kept secret until after the deadline.

5) Once you are finished, post your story to piratechallenge by updating your journal. I.E. your fic must be in it's own post. It will be approved after the deadline.

6) To be eligible for the contest, your fic MUST be posted before the deadline. If you miss a challenge, no worries, you may always submit a fic for our open submissions :)

7) Deadline will be: 7:00 EST on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19th. That gives you 72 hours.

And remember, to fic is human, to beta is divine!

Happy writing!
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