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The rollicking sea adventures of the magpie and the sparrow, mate...

Title: The Sparrow and the Magpie
Author: Keelie Hall
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Will
Word Count: About 2000, luv.
Rating: PG
Genre: Admittedly, but hopefully realistically, romantic.
Summary: Will is serving upon the Pearl and carries with him a secret that Jack claims to know better than Will does himself. A night of drinking indeed leads to a night of self-discovery, but Will is not the only one whose secret is revealed.
Disclaimer: Disney owns Jack and Will. Jack owns Will. Either man can own me any day of the week ;)
Spoilers: This is mostly just a post-Curse of the Black Pearl universe in which Will and Elizabeth have parted ways and the young blacksmith is serving upon Jack’s ship. It exists pretty much on its own, independent of either movie, not giving away anything one way or another. Savvy?
Warnings: Don’t be readin’ if ye don’t want some Jack & Will mush in yer brain.
Notes: This is my first prompted fan fic and only my third fan fic in general. I hope I didn’t go overboard with the secret theme (or get confusing with the magpie/sparrow bit), and while I think the candle is apparent, and the first, hopefully the debt is too. And if anything doesn’t make sense, I was working right to the very end of the deadline. Blasted work and responsibilities and such – Why can’t a girl just write about pirates all day? Arg.
Special Thanks: Thanks go to elvensorceress for creating this community and befriending me ;) And to all of ye who read…

And, of course, to Johnny and Orlando for giving me so much to feed my overactive imagination!

“Ha! Yer the magpie, lad! Don’t rightly think there’s anything I haven’t seen ye collect in that mouth of yers. But then, you’re a growing lad, ain’t ye?” chortled Jack with something of a leer. He elbowed the younger man playfully, almost knocking him from his precarious perch. Will shoved back with a laugh, and Jack, shaken from his squat, hit the deck, but sprung up again in a flash with the nimble grace of a cat, and suddenly he was towering above Will, feline gleam in his eyes.

Will laughed nervously now. “Hey, I have to take what I can get when I’m off of the ship, right? You don’t feed me anything but grog and gruel here.” Jack snaked his arm around his companion, leaning that bit too close that Will had come to know well, and yet an imperceptible (hopefully, he thought) shiver still ran the length of his body every time at the touch of Jack’s flesh and the smell of his breath. Both as strong and strange as the man himself; both still so amazing and alluring no matter how much time Will spent with him.

“Then how’s about the magpie shares with the sparrow a treat?” Jack asked with a cock of his head and the raise of a brow, eyes dancing into Will’s with a mysterious mirth. Will did his best to match his Captain quip for quip, though his mouth had gone abruptly dry.

“So I’m the sparrow now, am I?” countered Turner, and Jack nodded. “And how’s that, Jack?”

“Well, ye see, Mr. Turner,” crooned the pirate, drawing Will to his feet and a hair’s breadth away from his face, “I said that yer the sparrow, and I’m the Captain, luv, and that’s that.” Jack grinned and spun away from Will’s startled face, but not before grabbing the boy’s hand in his own. “Come on, then!” he cried and nearly skipped off in the direction of his cabin, excited as a child. Will trailed behind like a rag doll, light-headed and unresisting.

Inside of the captain’s quarters, Jack shut the door and motioned for Will to have a seat at the slightly shabby but serviceable table in the corner of the room. He stood before the boy with his arms crossed - not in the manner of one who is standing off, despite the left foot that the captain leant back on, his head cocked and chin tilted up cavalierly – no, Jack regarded Will in the manner of one who was teasing, and his eyes flashed with mischief and expectation. “Want to know a secret, lad?"

"Sure. Why not?" Will shrugged, eyebrows raised expectantly, knowing well by now Jack’s mischievous streak; he was prepared for just about anything.

"I know yers,” declared Jack with a mysterious smile playing upon his lips. His arms will still crossed, waiting.

"What?" came Will’s reply, part incredulous, wondering to himself what in the blazes Jack could be on about, but anxiously as well. What might it be about him that Jack knew?

"I know yer secret,” said the pirate simply.

"What secret? I don't have any secrets, Jack." Will regarded the pirate as expressionless as possible, but inside his heart was pounding.

"That's where yer wrong, mate. Maybe ye don't know what 'tis, but I do." Jack plopped down on the chair opposite Will, folded his hands and rested on them his chin, staring down the lad slyly.

Will stared back. "Well, what now, then?" he asked, unsure of what else to say or do. It seemed that the two had reached an impasse, nothing regarding which Will knew, and Jack apparently had decided he was not divulging any further details at the moment. Will knew there was no use quizzing Jack; it would simply take time and perhaps some careful calculating on his part to get Sparrow to speak. If there even was any secret at all, Will reminded himself dubiously.

"What else?" grinned Jack, tipping back his chair, righting himself with a bottle secured in his hand. "We drink, lad!"

Of course, thought Will, smiling. What else? And perhaps this would be just the means to ferret out Jack’s secret. Or his own, as it were. He grasped the bottle that Jack handed him firmly and knocked back his first drink to a crow of approval from his captain. Jack clasped his shoulder and chuckled loudly. “This is going to be quite a night, lad! Quite a night indeed!”

Two hours later, Will’s stomach was warm with rum and his head was buzzing pleasantly; he had forgotten all about any secrets. He grinned at Jack stupidly. The pirate clambered out of his chair to light a candle by the bed, moving then to draw the curtains across the cabin window, stumbling only slightly as he did so.

"What'd you do that for?" Will asked, sobering somewhat. Jack seemed to tower above him, shining in the candlelight like some kind of angel, grinning devilishly. The warm feeling in Will’s stomach worked its way lower, and he hoped that the scant light could hide his blushing.

"Well, I want to keep an eye on who I'm talking to, don't I, mate?" answered Jack with a wink. Or maybe that had just been a trick of the light. Or the rum, Will thought. His head was spinning.

"But what'd you cover the windows for?" Will was confused.

"That's my secret," grinned Jack, and the conversation that had induced the night’s inebriating flew back into Will’s head with startling clarity.

“What’s my secret, Jack?” Will demanded with a sudden temerity that shocked even him. But damn it all, he wanted to know what was going on; Jack had no right to lord this mystery over him, especially not if it concerned Will. “What do you think you know about me?”

Jack plopped onto his bed and laid back, hands behind his head, propping it casually. “Well, Willie,” mused Jack, “it’s like this - ” here he straightened up and regarded his companion directly, “I think yer in love with somebody.” He smiled winsomely.

“What?” Will stared, jaw nearly dropping. Surely Jack didn’t… “What in the blazes would make you think that?” The younger man looked down at his hands, afraid of what conclusions his face might lead Jack to. When he looked up, Jack was still smiling.

“There it is, lad! Ye can’t even look at me!” he fell back on the bed again, chuckling wildly. “C’mere and have a chat with yer captain,” Jack called out. He patted a spot beside him on the bed. “Tell ol’ Captain Jack all about ‘er, Willie!”

Will simply stared at Jack’s sprawled out form for a while, mind racing, heart thumping, but at further prodding from the pirate, he staggered over helplessly. Jack enveloped Will with one sinewy arm and drew him so close Will could practically taste the rum on the pirate’s breath. Yet when he looked into Jack eyes, he’d never seen them so focused and lucid. Will couldn’t look away from them, but he desperately wanted to; he felt like Jack’s eyes were burrowing into him and uncovering everything. “So spill it, lad,” Jack breathed softly. “What’s eating at the sparrow? What’s the magpie missing?” The playful grin played upon Jack’s lips again, and Will licked his own nervously.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jack,” Will stammered, an inexplicable anger rising up inside him. “Who could I be in love with? Elizabeth is miles away, and I’ve told you time and again…”

Jack interrupted him with a touch of a finger upon Will’s lips; the boy shuddered, this time quite perceptively. “I know, I know. Yer over and done with ‘er, right?” He smiled. “Then why is it I sees ye mooning about the ship like some whelp of a pup when ye think no one’s looking?” He wagged the same jewel-studded finger at Will triumphantly. “Got ye there, lad, haven’t we?”

Will shifted away from the pirate, backing against the headboard of Jack’s bed painfully. He held back the wince and regarded Jack sternly. “You’ve had too much to drink, Jack. Maybe we should call it a night,” he said, and rose to make his way off of the bed. The pirate leapt to his feet and stood before him.

“Ah-ah-ah,” he scolded with a smirk. “All in good time, luv. Stay just a minute longer and Captain Jack’ll tell ye his secret.”

Will rolled his eyes, wondering if this whole scene hadn’t been just a drunken bunch of nothing. He sighed inwardly, partly in relief and disappointedly; Jack didn’t know anything. All of this, of course, flew out the door when Jack pushed him back on the bed and leaned over him.

“What it is, lad, is this - ” he whispered, his breath raising the stubbled hair on Will’s chin, “me secret’s the same as yers. And I’m no more talking about m’luv for the Pearl than yer thinkin’ about Miss Swann.”

“Jack…” Will started, but nothing else came out. His eyes were wide, staring at the bewildered young man that was reflected back at him from the pools of Jack’s dark, swimming eyes.

Jack smiled softly, brushing a stray curl from Will’s forehead. “It’s no secret, mate. I’ve seen how ye look at me, and I’m bloody surprised ye haven’t seen how I look at you.” The pirated chuckled wryly, and Will felt himself relax a little, smiling slightly. “There’s nothing strange about it, Will. Nothing to be sorry for or bottle up. We’ve wasted time enough.”

“I never thought…” Will whispered. “I didn’t know what I thought,” he corrected with a small laugh. “I didn’t know what to think at all, and I never once imagined that you…would feel the same,” he finished shyly, looking away.

Jack cupped the lad’s chin. “Well, buck up, little sparrow. Didn’t Cap’n Jack say he had something to share with ye?” Jack grinned teasingly, but before he could say another word or do another thing, Will leaned in and touched his lips to Jack’s, silencing the voices in his head, ignoring the nervous shakes that wracked his frame, at last listening to his heart. Jack pulled back in shock, staring at the younger man incredulously.

"So what was that treat, then, Jack?" asked Will with a smile.

Jack growled in mock anger, cursed the boy as a whelp and a few other things, secretly delighting that he’d been right about Will and everything, then kissed him back, long and hard but tenderly.

Will smiled. "Oh, there it is. I suppose I owe you one now?"

"Well, one good turn does deserve another..." said Jack slowly, tilting his head and averting his eyes innocently.

"That it does, Sparrow," grinned Will, leaning in closer. "That it does," he murmured into Jack's neck, lips soon traveling towards Jack’s once again. The pirate smiled into the kiss. Maybe he was the magpie, Jack thought, but this was the greatest treasure he had gathered yet. And only the night knew what might be left to uncover...The pirate's smile tilted into an impish grin as he and Will fell back upon the bed and further into their kiss.
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