Jenwyn of Mirkwood (elvensorceress) wrote in piratechallenge,
Jenwyn of Mirkwood

New Year

Hi everyone,

Sorry this place has been so dead for a while. Since I wasn't getting submissions, I figured no one was interested anymore. But I've been getting quite a few requests and I'm more than happy to start things up again.

First things first, I have a few changes in mind regarding awards which you will see with the newest challenge. Basically, I am doing away with the 1st-2nd-3rd system in favor of participation awards. I think this is the best for everyone because you are all so talented and amazing, and hopefully, it will encourage more participation from those who don't like to compete. Award banners will be emailed, so be sure to let me know your email address.

Second, as often as I can, I'm going to issue 1 to 3 day long speed challenges. Now, I will need your help with this, but if you miss a challenge or don't finish in time, feel free to submit your fic as soon as you complete it. At the end of the month (or sooner if there are enough) I will post all the fics from the missed challenges. That way you may take on any challenge you want on your time schedule. But you MUST post somewhere in your header (or preferably the subject line) which challenge you wrote for. Does that sound all right?

Also, so everyone knows which challenge(s) are active, I will make a post that will appear at the top of the community's page. It will also have links to all the previous challenges, so that you may find old ones to complete.

One more change, so there are no more time zone translation headaches...challenges will close at midnight on the day listed. This means you have every minute of the day of the deadline to complete your fic.

And if anyone is working on challenge #12 (as found here) or is interested in completing challenge #12 let me know because the deadline is still set for the end of this month.

I look forward to new stories from all of you!
Tags: mod-ness
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