Sarah K (tears_of_nienna) wrote in piratechallenge,
Sarah K

Challenge #15

Title: Anywhere the Wind Blows
Author: tears_of_nienna
Pairing/Characters: Will, Jack, Elizabeth, and just about every combination thereof.
Word Count: 194
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Summary: You're jealous of what's yours; you envy what you'll never have.
Disclaimer: I don't own PotC or any of the characters thereof, and I'm making no money from this.
Spoilers: DMC

"Doesn't matter. The Pearl's gone...along with its captain."

It's a cruel thing to do, to hammer away at the grief they're all feeling, but he doesn't care. He ignores Elizabeth's pained little gasp and buries the knife in the table again, relishing the scars it leaves in the wood. He can feel the scars on his back, too--new and raw, twisting with the motion of his shoulder--and he thinks of Jack, of the scars that marked his lean body.

He wonders if Elizabeth has seen them, has mapped them with her hands and lips as he has. If she's drawn the same stories from him without a word, soothing the remembered pain with her body. If she knows the meaning of every bead and braid in his hair, every tattoo gracing his skin. If she's let the ship rock her to sleep beside him and woken later to his hot, dark gaze upon her. If she's said she loved him, three words Will can't quite recall ever hearing from her.

He doesn't know if the ache in his gut is resentment or grief, jealousy or envy, and he wonders if it matters anyway.

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