Whatsername (st_minority) wrote in piratechallenge,

Challenge 15

Title: A Lover Scorned
By: St. Minority
Pairings: Jack/Barbossa, Jack/? ;)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: hints/mention of sex, m/m
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such. All belong to Disney, Bruckheimer, etc.
Word Count: 344
Genre: drama/angsty maybe? not sure.
Summary: Hell hath no fury like a lover scorned.
A/N: Takes place before the mutiny, told in Barbossa's POV, and I'm really happy that I was actually able to write something for the challenge! This fic pretty much set around the notion of "If I can't have you, no one can" saying. :D

It sickens me to feel the way I do every time I watch you throughout the day. That head-over-heels spark in your eyes, the handsome smiles you bestow to her, the words you whisper when you think no one is in earshot to hear, and the gentle caresses you provide her – you look the fool at those moments. You make me the fool with you.

It makes not any sense to me when you offer some of those same gestures to me when night falls. Surely you know now why I am so forceful, occasionally too much so, when I dominate your lean, stunning frame in the privacy of your quarters. I must have you tremble beneath me, must have you breathe or cry out my name when you reach the pinnacle in order to know that you’re aware it is me who is supplying you with such rapture; not her. When you press your lips to mine or near my ear to murmur your overwhelming emotions like a child’s secrets, the envy twists within my body. I cannot help believing I am merely second on your affections list; your secondary lover. I need to claim you for myself before she does.

But I know now what needs to be done. I overheard you speaking to her.

“You’re me one and only, love,” you uttered quietly, grinning fondly. “Nothing will come between us, darling.”

Ah, there it be – cementing all my insecurities in one fell blow. I must admit it wounded me more than I thought possible. She’s taken you from me. You’ve been seduced easily by her, and I hold you mostly responsible for the bitterness writhing inside me.

After I get the location of this special treasure you’re seeking, I shall make it so that you can have no one. Not even me. I will take her from you like she took you from me. I see it fit that you lose both your beloveds.

You should’ve loved me more than your precious ship. Funny old world is it not, Jack Sparrow?
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