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Jenwyn of Mirkwood

#12 - the decision

All right my crew, I've come to a decision about #12 -the month long challenge- because I think it is something that everyone would like to try.

The challenge will come to an end this weekend as scheduled, BUT this end will be a "first draft" contest.

What I mean by this is anyone who has a story or who has started a story may enter it for "Challenge 12: DRAFT 1"

1. Your fic must be one that is the end of the Pirates trilogy or gearing toward it.

2. Your fic should be at least 1,000 words.

3. Your fic does NOT have to include all the original required details (which can be seen here) and it does NOT have to be complete, meaning you are allowed to write a cliffhanger as long as it is a reasonable place to stop and doesn't leave off mid-sentence or something like that.

4. Your fic is also allowed to be in a "first draft" state, meaning if it hasn't been beta-ed or you still want to edit it, you may still submit it for this half of the challenge. Now with this, please be reasonable; spell check and do correct as much as you can by the deadline. This will also allow for feedback and community help for stories still in the "rough draft" stage. So, take note and help out your shipmates comm-mates as much as you can.

5. Anyone who completes Challenge 12 as it was originally issued will be eligible for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd places this round. And I will still give special awards for anyone who writes a 30,000 or more word story.

The new deadline for DRAFT 1 will be 11:59PM EST on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st in order to give anyone who wants to start or edit things a chance to enter.

Now, since we have a draft 1... we're also going to have a draft 2 contest.

1. You MUST complete Challenge 12 with all its requirements- as seen here. So, finish up all the canon story-lines, use one of the groups of prompts and try to make it as close to 20,000 words as you can get. If you go over the 20,000 words, that's fine.

2. You MUST use a beta (an editor) for your entry. It may be someone online or in your non-computer life, but you must have SOMEONE read over and edit your story. If you're not comfortable with this, email me and we'll talk. Otherwise, please, please, please! Betas are love. If you need to find one, try looking at our list of Betas.

3. This is more of a "final draft" challenge so NO cliffhangers or "to be continued" or anything like that. It's the end of the triology; make it an ending.

4. Everyone who completes all the requirements of Challenge 12: Draft 2 will be eligible for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. Anyone who writes a story of 50,000 words or more will also receive a special award banner.

5. Deadline for DRAFT 2 will be 11:59PM EST on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31st of 2007. After the rush of the beginning of school and the all the holiday crazy... ok?

Just to be clear, you do NOT have to enter both phases of this challenge. You may enter one and be done with it, you may enter Draft 1 and then do editing and enter Draft 2 or you may submit half a story for Draft 1 and leave it as a cliffhanger and then enter Draft 2 with the ending (or you could leave your story as a cliffhanger and not enter Draft 2, but please try and finish for the sake of your fans readers ;) ), but really, do whatever makes you happy.

Hopefully this will allow everyone who wants to the chance to participate in this challenge. Sound good?

If you're going to submit a story for Challenge 12: Draft 1, comment here so I know you read this. Thanks! :)

And as always, comment or email if you have questions.

Your Captain
otherwise known as Mod Jenwyn ;)
Tags: challenge 12, mod-ness, month-long
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