Heather Layne (heatherlayne_n) wrote in piratechallenge,
Heather Layne

Challenge #13: Bottles

Title: Bottle
Author: Heather Layne
Pairing/Characters: Jack and Jack
Word Count: about 200
Rating: G
Genre: Silly
Summary: Challenge #13--Lying on the beach drinking rum. Also: monkey!
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: None, really
Warnings: Er, rum?
Notes: I seriously meant to write something fantastic for this challenge, because it could have been a lot of fun (and was! I love all the stories posted!), but somehow I didn't get to it this weekend, and then I was out today, and I always forget that midnight EST means 10 for me and I had like thismuch time to write it. So. Here you go.
Special Thanks: Thanks to the member who did the Jack the Monkey stories! (I can't bloody remember who you are--speak up in the comments if it's you/you know who it is.) 'Tis fun. Didn't mean to steal your thunder or anything, but see above. It was all I could come up with in ten minutes.

There was fire, and singing. Loud singing, but he rather liked it. And something in a bottle that swished around and made the funny man very happy. He drank quite a bit of it, and that made the singing get louder. Then there was dancing.

He watched from his tree, and wanted to take the bottle with the happy liquid in it. When the funny man had fallen for the third time, he knew the opportune moment had come. Down he dashed, scooping the fallen bottle up from the sand--but he couldn't move it. Not an inch. It was heavy, and he realized it was as big as him now he was down here next to it.

"You slimy little--oof!" The man fell yet again, unable to regain his footing in the sliding sand. His fingers couldn't reach the happy bottle. The monkey screeched, showing his teeth. Then the man got out the noisy stick that smelled bad, muttering something mean-sounding, and he ran back to the top of his tree. The bullet blasted through his arm, but it didn't faze him a bit.

Soon there was more singing, though no dancing. The funny man wasn't letting go of the bottle.
Tags: challenge 13
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