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Challenge #13

Title: Circles in the sand

Author: Penny-Elizabeth, or robes_of_earth, whichever you wish.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, references to Barbossa

Word Count: 1477

Genre: Gen

Summary: Missing moment on Rum Runner' Island -between the finding of the stash and the dancing drunkenly about the fire ^_^

Disclaimer: The Great Voldiemouse owns all.

Spoilers: nope

Warnings: Rum? (argh!run!)

Notes: I'm terrible at writing Jack, but they spent more time on the island that what we saw and I'm curious to what they would've talked about. Plus I'm really enjoying Elizabeth's character and how she interacts with the boys.

Special Thanks: rum!

“So this is it then,” she said. “stuck on a beach, drinking rum, waiting for someone to come along and spot us?” Elizabeth made an unpleasant face at the dusty bottle Jack had pressed into her hands.

“Lady Luck never leaves me fer too long.” Jack said, winking. “We'll be out of here soon enough. Prob'ly not soon enough to do for anyone but ourselves mind, but who can say.” He took a swig of rum and dropped down onto the sand dune, nestling himself against the bank and dragging his hat over his eyes. “'slong as I get me ship back, that's all I care about.”

It was pointless to argue, she knew that. Aside from the fact that he was right (as horrid as it was to admit), Jack was not someone you could easily argue with and come out with your sanity in tact.

Elizabeth settled herself in the sand next to him. “You know, considering you love this ship so much, you certainly are careless about losing her. I mean, once would be misfortune, but twice, and to the same man...”

Jack shot her a dark look. “I don' wanna talk about it.” he said, an uncharacteristic shortness in his voice. Elizabeth raised her eyebrows and tried to read what was written on the bottle.

“'E wants me ship 'cause it's a lovely ship, and it's not his.” Jack said, clearly not being able to keep silent about it. “But mostly 'cause it's mine. See- the man who stole the ship was not so well-inclined to the man who owns the ship, being that the man who owns the ship stole the lady of the man who stole the ship- well, I say stealing, she went without a fuss.”

Elizabeth shot him a pained look and sank back into the sand. “I see.” she said, not seeing at all. She twisted her mouth and took the cork from the bottle, sniffing it gingerly. She was knocked in the face by a powerful sweet musky smell- the rum was old, probably gone bad...can rum go bad she wondered? A quick glance at Jack didn't help- he was knocking it back like water, though she suspected he wouldn't care if it was bad. Perhaps -sometimes- bad wasn't so bad.

“I still don't see how you can be so upset at someone who was only following the code...” Elizabeth said absently, drawing circles in the sand with the base of her rum bottle. “According to the articles, any man found to be keeping shares or secrets-”

“I know I know- one shot, one bottle of water, chucked on a tiny bit of sand some might call an island. Still not a nice thing to do, articles or not. And let's not forget he took me bloody ship!”

'Let's not forget you stole his girl.” Elizabeth shot back, then frowned at herself. Was she actually defending Barbossa? Everyone deserved a chance of a fair trial, she said to herself sensibly. Even braggarts like him. What had he done- really done, that was worse than what anyone would expect of a pirate? Certainly Jack must have done some things in his time, and who knows, he may have mutinied a ship himself once before, and here she was sitting on a beach with him. Hes not a very good pirate though... her mind admitted. Was that a good thing? She clutched her forehead and took a healthy swig of the dark liquid. It filled her mouth with a spicy warmth, like plum pudding and spice cakes, and the taste of the air in the Black Pearl's hold...

“By the look of that crew you never had their loyalty.” she said, the remembrance of the Pearl's air bringing her back to her original thoughts. “I heard them talking, they've known Barbossa for years- some of them sailed with him under Captain Morgan.”

“Aye, most likely.” Jack murmured, casting aside an empty bottle and reaching blindly behind him for a new one.

“So you hired a crew more loyal to your first mate than to yourself!”

Jack lifted his hat back a little and looked at her. “A crew are always going to be loyal to the last one they served, unless someone nicer comes along. I was givin' 'em that chance to be under a nicer chap, but Barbossa dangled a carrot over 'em and they decided against it.”

Elizabeth tilted her head minutely in acknowledgment. “Yes, well. You know pirates...” she sighed, looking out over the straight horizon, “whatever serves them best.”

Jack turned his head violently and gazed at her with a drunken expression of vague amusement. “Just who's side are you on?”

Elizabeth opened her mouth to reply, and surprised herself when no answer came directly to mind. She shut her mouth again, then stuck her jaw out petulantly. “Mine I suppose.” she said.

Jack laughed. “You know, tha's interesting, I would've expected you to say your little Willie. How quickly we forget, eh?”

Elizabeth blinked. He was right of course-again. “I...I am on Will's side." she said, slightly ashamed that he hadn't been foremost in her thoughts. "And the Navy. I just thought you meant...which side amongst you lot. You pirates.” She picked at her bottle label.

Jack nodded. “O'course you did, love.” He said, settling back into the sandy bank and uncorking the fresh bottle of rum. "What would the answer to that be then?"

"To what?" she asked, confused.

"As to which of us filthy pirates you fly your colours with." he smiled, gold teeth reflecting the setting sun.

"None of you!" Elizabeth replied heatedly.

"Well, there's no incentive in me helpin' you off this island now, is there?" Jack retorted, swigging his rum.

"You're all as bad as each other." she said. "Seems to me that pirate's enemy is whichever man out-bargains the other. I don't work like that- I have morals, ethics, proper behaviour."

"D'you mean t'say you'd trust Barbossa as soon as trust me?" Jack asked, squinting at her as if she'd gone mad.

Elizabeth shrugged. "Possibly. I don't know the past actions of either of you very well. Hector-"

"Hector?!" Jack blurted, giggling.

"Captain Barbossa," Elizabeth corrected herself, blushing. "Captain Barbossa gave me dry quaters at least, and something to wear. What have you done for me? A dusty old bottle of expired rum and a pat on the head!"

"He only let's his girlfriends call him Hector." Jack said, grinning broadly. Elizabeth flushed crimson red.

“Look Mr.Sparrow, I may be sitting here bare foot and only in my undergarments, but I can assure you this does not make me a whore-hearted wretch. I don't trust anyone who's branded a pirate and I hold no interest in any other man besides Will Turner, and that's an end to it.”

Jack fixed Elizabeth with a look. She frowned at him, he shook his head and grinned to himself.


“You keep tellin' yerself that, Lizz. But it would've happened sooner or later. He's a charmer, charmed me once- right out of a fortune. Congratulations Miss Swann, it's a smart match really.” he held his bottle up in effigy of a toast.

Elizabeth glared. “What exactly are you referring to?”

“You and the Captain o'course.” Jack replied. "Romantic really- a pirate and the Guvn'r's daughter..."

Elizabeth screamed and threw an empty bottle at Jack's head, though her aim was as drunk as the rest of her was becoming and it missed him by a good five feet.

“How dare you!” she yelled. “I don't love Barbossa! He kidnapped me! He's the whole reason I'm stuck out here to begin with- him at that bloody coin!”

"Which you stole in the first place- pirate.” Jack laughed. “Many a girl falls for a man what did her wrong, it's a part of life. Trust me my girl, I've had woman after woman- and even some boys- try to drag me to their bedroom after I've involved them in some underhanded plot...”

“I can't love him. He spilled my blood, deliberately...” she continued, though her voice was softer. Could've been your throat though... her mind stated. She looked down at her hand, where the angry cut that Barbossa had inflicted on her had settled itself into one of the lines on her palm. It would always be there, she thought, the deepest heart line on any woman's hand...

“Didn't kill you though did he, luv?” Jack said, swirling the rum in his bottle and voicing her thoughts. “Even though he could've. Easily.” He downed the last of the liquid and heaved himself up off the bank.

"Off t'the privvy, pardon me a moment..." he stumbled off over the dune while Elizabeth re-wrapped her bandage. She sighed heavily and cast weary eyes over the stretch of flat horizon before her, the deepening sunset bleeding the clouds red.

“Easily.” she echoed to herself.
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