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if i was your arms i'd slap you in the face

Challenge #13 Vacation

Tittle: Vacation
Author: kirana_44
Character: Jack
Word Count.
Rating: G
Genre: Fluffy?
Disclaimer: So very not mine. Not that anyone could own Jack Sparrow.
Summary: Jack didn't have any particular issue with a vacation, what the crew wanted to do is another thing.
Notes: Go me I actually managed to get a challenge done, and before my own mini vacation.

Jack could understand that the crew might want a vacation. They'd been busy lately. It seemed like a fine plan to him

What he couldn't understand was why lying on a beach drinking rum wasn't a good enough vacation for them. It seemed like a perfect vacation to him

While it was true that they had no particular issue with the rum or the beach they wanted just a bit more out of their vacation. Namely some woman and a little entertainment. Jack though they were crazy, woman were nothing but trouble and he didn't want any more excitement or entertainment in his life for a while.

In the end he dropped the crew at Tortuga and went to a nice quiet island on his own. Where he quite happily drank rum on the beach.
Tags: challenge 13
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