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Challenge #12

Yay for our first month-long challenge! If you wouldn't mind pimping this around...we'd love to have as many entries as possible.

Now, this one comes with a lot of rules, so pay attention and holler if you have questions.

Also, this challenge comes with DMC spoilers, so if you still haven't seen PotC:DMC... um, go see it and then look under the cut ;) 

Write a fanfic that includes ALL of the following elements:

1) Use this form at the beginning of your post
Word Count:
Special Thanks:

Then use an LJ cut by typing <*lj-cut text="insert story title or sentence blurb here"> without the star at the beginning.

2) Your challenge is to write the end of the Pirates trilogy in a fic that is about 20,000 words long (see rule 4 for word count details)

Sounds boring, right? Well, to keep it interesting you MUST include the following:
a. how Jack and the Black Pearl are (or aren't) rescued
b. what happens to Bootstrap, Davy Jones and the rest of the Flying Dutchman's crew
c. what happens to Governor Swann and Tia Dalma
d. what happens to Pintel, Ragetti, Gibbs, Cotton and any of the other pirates
e. what happens with Norrington, Beckett and the British navy
f. the consequences of Norrington stealing the heart, Beckett having the heart and how/where the heart ends up when the trilogy ends
g. how Barbossa got from the end of the first movie to the end of the second movie
h. resolution of the Will/Elizabeth/Jack triangle
i. resolution of any other canon plotlines that I've forgotten....

You may be as detailed as you want on each of these things. It doesn't have to be much as long as it's mentioned. However, you may write a novel on all of them if you want.

Also, feel free to be as creative and liberal with canon as you wish. If you want to write something very canon and sensical in Pirates-verse, that's cool, but don't feel limited if you want to write something absolutely off the wall and non-continuous with canon. Ok? This is YOUR vision.

3) You must pick an additional group of requirements to complete. You may pick more than one, if you wish, as long as all requirements are met for at least one group. Your choices are:

A. include the following: someone using Jack's compass, a confrontation/argument between Will and Elizabeth, Davy Jones' trunk of flowers and letters and Governor Swann meeting up with post-DMC Norrington

B. all of the following actions/events must occur in mention or in detail: sword-fighting, a magic spell, sex, a main character death (Jack and Barbossa don't count for character death unless it occurs AGAIN after DMC)

C. write from the point of view of one character only and tell all events through their eyes (this doesn't have to be written in first person)

4) Your fic should have a MINIMUM word count somewhere between 15,000 - 25,000. Now, I will accept any entry that is within 1000 words of this because I don't want you to fret too much about it. Anyone who writes a fic 30,000 words or beyond will receive a special banner. 

5) This is important since we will have overlapping challenges: BE SURE YOUR SUBJECT LINE SAYS '#12' and then has your title. Also state in your notes which requirement group you picked.

6) Original characters are allowed, but keep them minimal as it is the Pirates characters that we want to focus on. NO crossovers.

7) You MUST write a new story for this contest. Previously written stories are not accepted. Now, if you've already started a fic that deals with the end of the trilogy - EMAIL ME if you want to use something and we'll discuss details. Submissions will be kept secret until after the deadline.

8) Once you are finished, post your story to piratechallenge by updating your journal. I.E. your fic must be in it's own post. It will be approved after the deadline.

9) To be eligible for the contest, your fic MUST be posted before the deadline. If you miss a challenge, no worries. There will be plenty more opportunities. :)

10) Deadline for this challenge: 11:59PM EST on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, comment here or email us at or

If you need a "second opinion" or some editing help before posting, check out our list of Betas!

And if there is any challenge you'd like to see, please submit it to our Prompt Ideas/Requests post.

Good luck!
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