Jenwyn of Mirkwood (elvensorceress) wrote in piratechallenge,
Jenwyn of Mirkwood

posted for estelendur

Title: Hunted and Haunted
Author: Estelendur
Pairing/Characters: Davy Jones, Davy/That Woman mentioned
Word Count: 479
Rating: G? PG?
Genre: Uh... Character study?
Summary: A look into Davy Jones's head (before DMC even thoguht of happening).
Disclaimer: Technically Davy Jones belongs to the sea, but a lawyer might say this bear strong resemblance to a Disney tale, so I will say here: Never was mine, likely never will be.
Spoilers: Will make absolutely no sense at all if you haven't seen DMC.
Warnings: None.
Notes: None.
Special Thanks: To my betas, witchbabyweetz and Griffin. Also my eternal gratitude to elvensorceress for allowing me to participate. <3

Hunted and Haunted
Tags: challenge 11
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