Whatsername (st_minority) wrote in piratechallenge,

I've jumped ship from the CatCF fandom.....maybe.....

Title: The Promise of Ambition
Author: St. Minority
Pairing/Characters: Jack and Norrington, but not as a pair. (though I guess if you're into Sparrington, it could be that a wee bit.)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such.
Word Count: 859
Genre: Drama (sure!) or maybe angsty?
Summary: Norrington's finally got Jack back to the gallows. So why is he unsure of going through with it? Where does he truly lie?
Spoilers: Mild DMC spoilers
Notes: This would take place after the third film.
A/N: Whipped it up just in time for the deadline! I'm a terrible procrastinator

The Dark Side of Redemption
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