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Challenge # 9

Title: The Will to Live
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Will/Tia with mention of Jack/Liz, Will/Liz, and Bootstrap.
Word Count: 1400, luv.
Rating: PG
Genre: General drama and wonderings/wanderings.
Summary: When Will stops to think about where his has led him, he begins to wonder if it is really one worth living.
Disclaimer: Disney = owner. witchbabyweetz = lover.
Spoilers: Post-DMC.
Warnings: Some ghosting around the concept of suicide, but hopefully tactfully and justifiably done.
Notes: Even though I was excited to not have a speed challenge for once, I almost think those made me produce better writing! I like this, though – I think I’ve just had too much time to sit around and doubt it this time! Hopefully you’ll like it 
Special Thanks: My lovely beta, estelendur!

The young man shook his head. He might’ve expected this of Jack, despite all of the faith and hopes he had in the man, but Elizabeth? Will had thought that they were in love, but surely she didn’t love him the way that he loved her because he knew that he would never willingly cause her the pain that she had caused him. He would have done anything for her; he had, and he still would, Will decided. If she truly wanted to be with Jack, Will would accept that. His heart would most likely break in two and never mend, but he would respect her decision if that’s what it came down to. Will loved Elizabeth too much to deny her anything that might bring her happiness, and he would have hated himself if he were ever the one to stand in the way.

He looked at her across the room; Elizabeth’s eyes and her heart were in the midst of the planning Will himself was supposed to be focusing on. Bones and trinkets and unidentifiable things were pushed to the sides of Tia Dalma’s table, and a number of maps lay strewn across the center, a blur of faces pouring over it, as though literally looking for Jack amidst the ink blots and creases. Will tried to concentrate; he nodded his head at a few things, chipped in a comment when he needed to, but as much as he too wanted to save Jack, he simply couldn’t bring himself to seriously consider any step toward the future. All that Will could feel was the pain that surrounded him now and the memory of the kiss he had witnessed, replaying in his mind a thousand times. He had no hopes for tomorrow; he would allow himself to be carried along with the tide that sought after Jack, but nothing more. Perhaps something more would await him at the end of the world, but for now, Will had nothing, and the realization of it crushed down on him more than anything ever had before.

Will tore his eyes away from Elizabeth painfully; he couldn’t bear to look at her any longer. His gaze traveled around the room and met Tia Dalma’s, who regarded him with a sly, knowing smile, as though she could uncover his every thought like his face were a map itself. She was a strange woman. Will couldn’t shake the feeling that Tia had been studying him closely from the moment they met, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it was she had discovered. Then there was the other way she looked at him – like she had at Jack, like Jack had at Elizabeth, like…He shook his head again. This was all too much. The assembly appeared to be dispersing for the evening, and Will fell in with the sea of bodies heading out the door. A fire was built, and fiery drinks were passed around, and before he knew it, Will Turner was as drunk as any pirate, laughing and rough-housing with the rest of the men.

The rum stilled the storm that churned within him, or at least helped it ebb into a dull ache for a while. Soon the lewd guffaws and coarse conversation left him feeling empty and alone again, however, and Will grabbed another bottle and made his way to a darker, more secluded part of the camp, sinking to the ground, knocking his head heedlessly against a tree, sighing deeply. How had he gotten here? Will thought he had finally found his place in life, but it had been snatched away from him just as he held it in his hands for the first time. He and Elizabeth were set to be married when the curse of the Black Pearl struck again. Nothing good had come of setting foot on that ship: Will had almost lost Elizabeth, he had almost died a number of times himself, he had come to trust and care for Jack only to be betrayed by him over and over, and even if for a brief while it had seemed as though the tide had turned, it had all been an illusion. This time Elizabeth set out to rescue him, and all he succeeded in doing was to lose her again. To Jack. To life.

Nothing was as it should be, and Will was beginning to believe that this was the nature of the world, and he would be wise to resign himself to it before he was hurt any further. Nothing was certain, no one could be trusted, and the only thing he could count on at the end of the day was himself, and he wasn’t sure if there was even much comfort in that; Will had become a pirate at last. His father would be proud, he thought with a dark laugh, then realized how entirely untrue that was, and thought of his father, and took another long swig from his bottle. Another person he had failed, another love lost. This was a lonely life, and with each drink, his throat burned harder and his eyes watered and Will just grew…tired. Tired of it all, he decided. His head was buzzing and his heart was numb, but it wasn’t enough. Will drew a dagger from his belt, and held it before his wet eyes, seeing three blades shining in the moonlight, dancing tantalizingly. He didn’t even have his sword anymore. He was a broken man and a terrible excuse for a pirate, and this was all that Will could think of as he ran a finger across the bite of silver experimentally. He had nothing. He never had, and he never would. It was all fleeting, and he didn’t want to chase after it anymore. After her, after him…

A dark shadow crossed the moon’s pale rays, dulling the knife in his hand, breaking the spell it had on him. Will looked up and saw Tia Dalma staring down at him, eyes more scorching than glittering, stained lips pressed and unsmiling. He simply stared back at her for a while. Without taking her eyes from his, Tia settled down next to the young man and took a deep breath. She savored the night air like the sweetest of wines, swirling it around in her mouth and closing her eyes. Will felt himself slowly unwinding. What did this mysterious woman know that he did not? What did she know about him that she looked at Will as she did, and what did she know about life that made her draw it close to her when he would push it away?

Tia leaned in closer to him and whispered. “Der ees nudding more dangerous den a man who ‘as lost everyding.” Her voice was hypnotizing. “So let me give you someding, Will Turner. So you never be forgetting you are word someding." She smiled her old sly smile, and brought her lips right before his, speaking so closely against him that her breath tickled at his skin and sent unexpected sensations through him. "You are word loving."

With that all of Will’s once so carefully constructed walls came crashing down at last, and he understood in that moment Tia’s lips touched his just what Elizabeth had felt when she had kissed Jack. It was raw and it was passionate and it was wrong, but right then it felt so right. And as he returned the witch’s kiss, Will knew that he still loved Elizabeth. And that Elizabeth still loved him. Love wasn’t perfect, and sometimes, love wasn’t enough. Sometimes it was. Will would just have to wait and see. That was his last thought before he lost himself entirely to the feeling…

Of Tia’s arms around him, love and warmth surrounding him, and a sense of worth and renewal swelling up inside of him. Will Turner was alive.
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