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Title: Curiosity
Author: gewgaw
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Norrington/Liz
Word Count: 2500
Rating: R for sex scene.
Genre: schmut
Summary: My take on Elizabeth as a total drunken whore who indulges in a wee bit of fun.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns Pirates. How disturbing.
Spoilers: CoTBP and DMC, definitely. All revealed via conversation.
Warnings: SCHMUT GALORE! NOT FOR CHILDREN! Very little plot. Lots of pointless (and hopefully funny) conversation.
Notes: My first go at piratefic, smut and threesome smut. Apologies for any errors in canon or grammar as this story has been written sans a beta as she is away in France.
Special Thanks: esp to lizardspots's smut. Very inspirational.


Featuring Liz the Whore

It was raining yet again. Whatever happened to “Welcome to the Caribbean, love”?

Elizabeth was drenched. Completely, absolutely, and seemingly irrevocably drenched. She swore she could feel her blood diluting with all the rainwater. And why was this, pray tell? Jack had given her the pleasure of commandeering (“The word is ‘commandeer’, darling. Always remember that.”) the Pearl. She had started to argue, but he left the helm to her wordlessly and had tottered off to the deck down below, presumably to scour the ship for more rum as the rum was always gone.

Thus, it was her first time at the helm of the ship. In a blinding tempestuous storm, no less.

“Bloody Jack,” she swore. Rather loudly, en fait, as she deciphered that nobody could hear her over the downpour. “How on earth am I supposed to navigate SANS ANYTHING?” Elizabeth was very frustrated – more so than usual – with the incompetent Captain Jack Sparrow. She had suspected that something was sorely amiss when Jack had handed her the Compass of Unbeknownst Powers. How were they going to find Will, precisely, if indeed he was truly in the hands (or tentacles and claws, she should say) of Davey Jones? Why on earth had Will joined that devilled crew in the first place? She was cross and confused and had been stood up at her wedding because of the handiwork of an Oily Midget. Oh, how distressing the situation had become! And she was steering a ship all by herself in the middle of a storm.

However, she didn’t notice that Jack was standing some distance away from her across the deck for all the rain that limited her line of vision to less than two feet in front of her. She didn’t notice that Jack had indeed gone to get another bottle of rum to sturdy his well-worn feet on the slippery deck and had now returned, downing the rum a swig at a time, and was gazing rather intently upon her wet godsend of a body. Perhaps if he had been completely drunk, he would have imagined her wet, naked and on fire – all at once.

Did he intend to bed a beautiful, angry and drenched woman? Did he dare? Of course - he was Captain Jack Sparrow, dear reader. Jack knew what lay up ahead, as much as you know what lies up ahead.

He strolled up to her nonchalantly, one step at a time, rum bottle in his right hand. “Elizabeth, my darling, nice little favonian breeze we have here, eh?”

Elizabeth whipped her head around to her left and saw Jack. She scowled at him. “I haven’t even got half a mind to speak to you at this very moment in time.”

“My love, I am absolutely sure that you are in possession of a very whole and capable mind. You proved yourself a while ago when your indefatigable logic reasoned that everything boiled down to curiosity, did you not?” He eyed her cunningly, “And you did, might I add, put on a very fine show too.”

Had the rain not been torrential, Jack would have noticed Elizabeth’s cheeks turn a flaming red.

“Mr. Sparrow, I was merely playacting: I was trying to see how far you would go! Whether you are truly a villain of sorts as they all say or an honest man…as I know you are.”

“How very noble of you, Elizabeth. But like I’ve said before – and it’s no secret this - it’s the honest ones you have to watch out for because the dishonest ones you can always trust to be dishonest.” Jack smiled wryly. “Savvy?”

“You have a way with words, Jack. Has anybody ever told you that?” The lady sighed, shifted the position of her hand on the wheel a little. And then she burst out rather suddenly. “BUT you still haven’t explained to me the 5 W’s of the current situation!”

Jack blinked and thought for a bit. “First of all, darling, you need to be lightening up a little bit. You seem rather…tense. And since you asked me so politely, I will tell you: we’re going to find Will and hence Davey Jones and his wee beastie somewhere out there in the open waters as we now have bearings because of my Compass of Unbeknownst Powers, as you rightly call it. We have the Where, Who, What and…”

“You missed the How and the Why.”

“I don’t understand how the How came to be in the 5 W’s.”


“By using this ship and men and perhaps Fair Lady as well, my dear.”

“And why? Why is Will on board that ship?”

“Eunuchs do crazy things for love.”

“What on earth does love have anything to do with this?” Elizabeth was tethering on the edge of a very sharp precipice called Rage. Jack astutely heard this in her shrill tone.

“Will’s in love with you, my dear. He’ll come back and marry you in a grand royal wedding in Port Royal. With plenty of drinks all around! I adore weddings, as you know,” Jack was rather at a loss for words. Damn yourself for not thinking hard enough.

“And I supposed he told you all that before he ran aboard The Flying Dutchman? How do I know that you’re not using him – like you did before in the first movie – for your own selfish purposes?”

“I do recall you tagging me an honest man and saying in a honeyed voice that you were proud of me on a windy afternoon…”

“But of course the REAL reason as to why is aboard the Flying Dutchman is because of Jack’s selfish purposes,” came a voice all too suddenly. Elizabeth did not know how The Voice had heard them talking amid the rain, albeit the storm had abated a little since Jack had left her to the helm. Neither did she know what in the world he was doing here.

Jack and Elizabeth whipped around to see the now filthy former Commodore Norrington come up behind them. Jack eyed the former Commodore warily as Elizabeth merely looked even angrier.

“Jack,” continued the former Commodore “wants something Davey Jones has in order to rid himself of his debt. And hence has sent dear old William to retrieve it for him. And Mr. Turner did it willingly because of you, Elizabeth, so that he could get a certain trinket from dear old Jack in exchange for your release from the gallows. So I suppose, yes, Mr. Sparrow -”

“It’s Captain, former Commodore,” interjected Jack huffily.

Norrington ignored him. “- was correct when he said Mr. Turner did it for love.”

Elizabeth’s anger resided a little. Now she was truly crossed and confused. “What does Will want from Jack?”

“My Compass of Unbeknownst Powers, milady. Nothing more,” answered Jack.

“But it was you who sent him anyway, wasn’t it?”

"You can’t hold that card against me, love. Not when lovely William risked his life to save yours.” Jack cleverly held back the detail of not informing the rather emotional and angry Elizabeth about what Davey Jones did to nearly dead miscreants’ souls. It was so predictable what the mere mention of the word ‘love’ could do to a woman’s stance.

Elizabeth released the wheel and slumped to the floor; her face crumpled up into a crinkled tissue of emotions and began to sob. Never did she cry in public, not even the night she was left at the altar; but tonight was different. The combination of her being completely drenched, the overwhelming onslaught of emotions that came upon her and the presence of two virile men simply drove her over another precipice called Tears. Both Jack and Norrington merely stared before the latter made a grab for the wheel.

“There, there, love. William will return to marry you rest assured, perhaps slightly peeved at the fact that you yourself had escaped the gallows without his aid. You know, a blow to his manhood and all,” said Jack in what he hoped was a soothing voice. He sat down next to the lady, his back against the railing and looped his arm around her quivering shoulders.

Jack did the thing he knew best: he put the bottle of rum to her lips. “A bit of rum never hurt anyone, my dear”

Elizabeth drank a good deal. She relished the slightly odd combination of rainwater and rum sliding down her throat. She felt warmer immediately and somewhat more stable. “J-J-Jack, I want Will.”

This was not at all what Jack had expected.

“He’s having it off with Davey Jones. Won’t be able to find him till at least tomorrow.”



It was raining lightly now. Rest assured the former Commodore was eavesdropping on Jack and Elizabeth’s conversation.

Norrington rolled his eyes. “Stop lying to the poor woman.”

“I am not a p-p-poor woman, you beastly landlubber. I simply cannot hold my alcohol very well and am still capable of coherent thoughts,” Elizabeth retorted. She took another swig of rum and leaned back into Jack’s body. She’s upset, thought Jack. And guilty. He suppressed a smug smile.

The former Commodore did not believe her.

“I don’t believe you, Elizabeth.”

“Why ever not?”

“One, you’re leaning back into Sparrow’s arms when I just told you that William just went to risk his life for you. And two, if you’re really not as drunk as you claim, I’ll ask you this: what’s my middle name?”

“Henry Archibald,” Elizabeth giggled.

“James Henry Archibald Norrington the Fourth?”

The former Commodore looked immensely irritated. “That’s right.”

“You’ve had four generations of people called that? No bloody wonder you’re so pantsy, former Commodore,” said Jack, downing more rum. Elizabeth snatched the bottle from him and finished the lot.

“Must you always do that, Elizabeth?”


“Make me ask the eternally quintessential hair raiser of a question: ‘Why is the rum gone’?”

“The rum is always gone, Jack. ‘Tis always gone.”

“Certainly is, luv: whenever you’re around!” Jack stood up and held his hand out to test the strength of the abating storm. “Good. Tisn’t raining anymore.”

Elizabeth stood up as well. She swayed a little before she tapped him on his shoulder. “Jack, I’m curious.”

He turned around and saw her eyes wide with ravenous hunger and a fire that he knew could only be brought about by the intake of alcohol. Oh, he had seen this in so many women in Tortuga and heard about in other stories, but he knew none compared to the blazing beauty before him. He knew she wanted something from him, as he did from her. And nay, he certainly was not going to refuse her, not even when she was drunk, albeit not drunk enough to forget the former Commodore’s middle names. Jack thought that a very wet Elizabeth couldn’t afford to go to waste. Waste not, after all, as Barbossa always said.

leaned forward and kissed Jack squarely on the lips before opening her mouth for him almost immediately. Her tongue was a hungry tool she used to satiate her hunger with. She was more of a pirate than Jack thought she was: she plundered the roof of his mouth, the back of his throat, his plump lower lip without hesitation. He reciprocated by molding his mouth to hers so that they were a perfect fit, peas in a pod. She moaned against him as his tongue ravaged her mouth completely so much so that she pulled away and mumbled, “Take me, Jack, as you will.”

Jack did not deign to reply as he began to unbuckle her belt.

Norrington interjected rather rudely. “It doesn’t seem fair that the third party should be left out, especially when the aforementioned third party was once betrothed to the lady.”

"Oh?” Jack asked. Without a doubt the Captain was attempting to keep his cool at the thought of sharing this young wench before him with the former Commodore to whom she was once betrothed.

Elizabeth’s eyes went wide, and it seemed that she had returned to full coherence of mind once more with Norrington’s interjection. Jack cursed Norrington silently.

“Norrington obviously still holds his candle up high for you, Elizabeth - candle here being a phallic symbol.”

“Bu-but I am affianced to Wi-Will,” she stuttered in a half-hearted attempt to fend them both off. “My honour…”

“Your honour took a long walk away from you the moment you stepped aboard the Black Pearl the first time, Elizabeth, as did mine when I pursued this man across the seven seas, whom I am about to share you with right now. The least you could do for a destitute fool like me is this.” And then Norrington swiftly plundered Elizabeth’s mouth the same way she plundered Jack’s. She had always wondered what the former Commodore tasted like: seawater, rum and stale biscuits. Her curiosity had been satiated, yet again.

But not completely.

Jack came up behind Elizabeth and slowly peeled off the wet clothing that clung to her body for dear life, until all that remained on her sun-kissed body were her underclothes. Norrington continued to kiss Elizabeth greedily, his hands roving now on her nearly naked body. Jack went for the kill right away, ripping her knickers apart. He robbed a few moans of utter pleasure from her when his fingers dove into her wetness, seeking desperately to send her to her peak. He knew how to pleasure women; his fingers moved in a circular movement, hard and long and slow all at once, until she arched against him and her knees buckled.

“Oh, my G—” Her moans against Norrington’s lips were intercepted by a loud orgasmic scream and she lay limp against Jack as Norrington began to remove his trousers. Norrington entered her almost as quickly as she leaned back into Jack’s arms. She gasped from the fleeting pain that was swiftly soothed by Jack’s mouth sucking on her collarbone. The simultaneous pleasure of Norrington thrusting his manhood in and out of her and Jack taking her completely with his mouth all over her collarbone and breast was enough to drive over yet another precipice called Orgasm.

“Steady on, love,” murmured Jack as he disrobed himself.

Elizabeth came yet again, her eyes shut and hands all over Jack’s body. Norrington climaxed a little after and murmured incoherently into Elizabeth’s hair. Jack couldn’t resist or stand it any longer: he entered her from behind and moved faster than Norrington. Elizabeth was in a thousand pieces as she felt him thrust hard and fast against her, as she shamelessly enjoyed the sensation of two extremely virile men in her.

And when it was all over, the three of them lay limp on the floor of the deck, panting like dogs. Elizabeth hadn’t a sliver of shame left in her body, but Will didn’t have to know.

Nobody had to know how Elizabeth’s curiosity was satiated that night.

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