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Challenge #9, i had a go.

This is my first entry on here, but i had a go anyway.

Title: ‘Consider this my first act of piracy’
Author: K-a-rin!
Pairing/Characters: Jack Sparrow, Gibbs,Barbossa, Beckett
Word Count: 1347
Rating: PG
Summary: Jack’s ship is sunk and he isn’t happy.
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything sadly, though I do mention an OC called Rose.
Spoilers: Jack sparrow’s back story, long before COTBP.
Warnings: a little violence but nothing to severe

The whistle and explosions of cannon fire filled the air as the Wicked Wench took yet another fatal blow. The ship was breaking apart and there was nothing else it’s captain or it’s crew could do,
“What shall we do cap’un, she’s sinkin fast”
Mr Gibbs had managed to clamber over fallen sailcloth and wood to reach the stunned captain. He didn’t react, he couldn’t, all he could hear was the moans and breaks of his beloved ship.
“Captain!.....Jack?!” Gibbs voice grew desperate as the sea consumed the ships bow, they didn’t have much time before she was to be claimed by the sea.
“Abandon ship Mr Gibbs, get anyone injured out” His voice was monotone and empty, with the destruction and chaos that surrounded him he seemed calm as his crew leaped over board and swam away. A huge crack sounded above and Jack looked up to see a cannonball pierce through the mast with splinters and chunks of wood raining down, Jack could do little but watch as the wooden pillar fell towards him, luckily not all crew members had yet abandoned ship. An arm reached out, taking Jack by the shoulder and forcing him to jump into the water. Submerged, Jack watched as his beautiful ship now almost fully underwater broke off into pieces, each of which sank into the darkness below. Jack swam for the surface and came up beside his rescuer, “You alright Jack?”, Barbossa was Jack’s first mate and had been loyal to him since the Wicked Wench had come under his control, they both watched as the last piece of the ship disappeared beneath the waves, he felt like crying, but with his crew all awaiting direction he held it in and instead began to look around frantically amongst the floating debris, “My hat…where’s my hat?!!!” He scanned the debris field which spanned a good 100 metre’s or so.
“Alright you dogs, find the Captain’s hat! Or you’ll all be goin down with the ship!” Barbossa yelled to the men and they joined in the search though it was cut short.
The vessel that had delivered this destruction was approaching fast, sporting British colour’s, the galleon approached the stranded men and they all gazed up helplessly from the water, they were exposed and vulnerable, they didn’t stand a chance against this. But they were not to meet the same fate as their ship, at least not yet. A call echoed aboard and one by one, ropes were flung overboard. The captain came into view. He was tall, dressed in uniform.
“Get them aboard, bring Sparrow to me” He uttered to one of his men.

One by one the stricken crew were pulled aboard, when they got there they were met with the points of guns and shackles. Jack was last to be rescued, he valued his crew almost as much as he valued his ship and wasn’t to leave anyone behind, yet, scanning the faces of his crew the gut wrenching realisation settled in that he had left someone behind, without much thought of his own safety he ran to the edge of the ship and scanned the area in desperation. He wanted to dive back in and continue his search but soldiers were on hand to see that he remained on deck. “Rose, I need to find Rose, she’s still down there!”
The soldiers stopped dead in their tracks and the ships captain strode quickly over to the commotion. He looked overboard before turning back to Jack, “There is no one out there.”

Jack’s hands were bound before he could do anymore. He looked to his solemn crew desperately trying to develop some sort of plan but no quick witted scam could save Jack Sparrow this time.

“Set sail for Port Royal”
The order was given and Jack and his crew were taken below deck.

The town of Port Royal was bustling in early morning. Merchant ships of all shapes and sizes were loading and unloading precious goods from all corners of the Caribbean.
Overlooking all this activity from his office was Cutler Beckett, soon to become Lord and a key member of the East India Trading Company.
There was a knock at the door and Beckett returned to his desk,
“Come in”
A soldier entered,
“I have the prisoner for you sir”
“Ah good, bring him in”
The soldier disappeared a moment and escorted the prisoner into the room, he gave little resistance.
“Good morning Mr Sparrow, pleasant sleep I hope….Leave us”
He beckoned the soldier to leave and he did so, leaving the two men alone.
Jack stood in front of the desk, staring blankly into the eyes of the small man before him,
“Where are my crew?”
“Don’t worry, there still alive. Though I must say Mr Sparrow how can you have a crew without a ship?”
A smirk appeared on his face, finally he had the upper hand on Sparrow and he was enjoying every second.
“Then perhaps Mr Beckett, what I should be askin is, Why did you blow up my ship?” He stayed remarkably calm considering the situation he was in.
“And what makes you think it was my decision?”
Beckett stood and walked around his desk so he was standing a few feet away from the restrained Captain.
Jack stayed silent for a while. “Rose was on that ship.” He spoke through gritted teeth, the pain still unbearable.
“Ah yes, shame about that. Consider her a casualty of war” Beckett showed little remorse.
“And what war would this be?”
Beckett approached Jack so he was mere centimeters away, he grabbed Jack’s wrist and gripped it hard. Jack almost collapsed in pain, trying not to yell out. Beckett released his grip and pulled his sleeve up to reveal a fresh scar in the shape of the letter ‘P’.
“A war against scum like you my friend or should I say, Pirate”
“I’m not a pirate”
“Is that so…” Beckett began to circle Jack, pacing slowly, “…lets see, kidnap of a woman whom you then took to the island of Tortuga against her will.” He stopped pacing back in the position he started, facing Jack, surprisingly jack was smiling,
“Well y’see Mr Beckett, i believe ‘kidnap’ may be the wrong word in this situation as I can tell you there was no objection on her part. It would appear her, ‘fiancé’ was unable to satisfy the poor love and she required more which I was able to provide, and as well as it being ‘against her will’, she only struggled a little”
Jack leant over to Beckett, the smirk still on his face, “…and she was completely...satisfied...savvy?”
Beckett lunged at Jack, taking him by the throat, you wouldn’t expect such strength from such a small man but Jack was thrown against the wall.
“You are nothing Jack Sparrow, I own you and you are nothing but a filthy pirate. If it were up to me, I’d have you hanging out on that noose already”
Jack took hold of the hand around his throat, throwing it down and in the blink of an eye darted to Beckett’s desk grabbing at the letter opener and before Beckett could react Jack had him pinned against the wall instead.
“You took my ship from me, You took my crew, You killed Rose, and you made me loose my hat”
Jack plunged the small knife into Beckett’s thigh, he yelped out in pain but was muffled by Jack’s other hand clasped around his mouth.
“I have lost everything I held dear, it seems only right I settle the score savvy? And if that makes me a pirate, consider this my first act of piracy”
His fist met with Beckett’s cheek and he slumped against the wall, Jack, breathing heavily, looked down on the man. He’d never felt so angry and for a moment couldn’t believe what he had done but the sound of soldiers running up the corridor outside made him snap out of it, he looked around for an escape route, soldiers burst into the room, guns poised.
“…Oh bugger”

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