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Challenge the eighth

Title: Monkey
Author: Estelendur
Character: Jack the Monkey
Word Count: 310
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Summary: Jack the monkey's adventures between the two movies.
Disclaimer: I don't own the monkey. Nor do I own the people who are mentioned. Disney owns PotC.
Spoilers: Makes a ton more sense if you've seen the after-credits easter egg for CotBP and have also seen DMC. Spoils parts of DMC if you pick up on who all the people are.
Warnings: Described by a friend as 'trippy'. Much different from the other stuff I've posted here. Other than that, nothing.
Notes: Uh... Nope. No notes.
Special Thanks: Thanks to witchbabyweetz and my friend Griffin for the betas.

The monkey slept atop heaps of gold, rooted through piles of jewels, and rarely ventured out of the cave: to never leave meant to never feel the wind blowing through its body, never feel air where fur and organs should be. It was not bored; it could not be bored. The days of its existence blurred together, the same as they all were, until Men invaded the cave once more.

They swarmed over the mounds of treasure; the monkey recognised the one that had shot Him, killed his master; and the monkey ran, and hid. It scurried into the shallow water; but a Man tripped over him, and grabbed him. The monkey bit in fury and fear. It felt cold metal against its head, it heard a deafening noise, it felt something pass through it. The Man holding him made angry noises; the monkey was shoved into a cage and taken back to its second home, the beloved black ship.

The monkey passed life on the ship much as it had before the cave, but his master was no longer there; the ship felt different, smelled different, looked different without Him. And the one who killed Him was there, too. The days of its existence blurred together once more, now tinged with fear and gunshot.

Again the Men tried to catch the monkey. Again it ran and hid, huddling behind the barrels that smelled of burning, or running up on the ropes where it was faster. But they caught it and shoved it into the cage again; and they took it to a new place.

The light was different, golden and soft. The monkey smelled and saw wondrous things all around. The Man shot him; and the Lady set him free again. The monkey ran to hide again; but He was there, and there would be no need to hide!
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