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Challenge 8, The Continued Adventures of Jack the Monkey

Title: The Continued Adventures of Jack the Monkey
Author: kirana_44
Character: Jack the Monkey
Word Count: 132
Rating: G
Genre: Really really silly?
Summary: The hat will be his.
Disclaimer: Mine very very not mine. If they were worries about student loans would be a thing of the past.
Spoilers: Vaguely for DMC, probably takes place before it though.
Notes: I couldn't help it this seemed the perfect chance to write more about the monkey. And I'm beginning to think I need an icon of the monkey if I'm going to keep this up.

He'd gotten the hat away from the man with the funny hair again. And this time no one would get it away from him. He'd hidden it in his favorite hiding spot, the one he most commonly used for himself. It was a nice little cubby hole below decks.

He felt this way he and the hat would have lots and lots of alone time.

Unfortunately he had underestimated how much the hat meant to the man with the funny hair. He'd ordered the shop searched from top to bottom, no casket unturned, no cabinet unexplored.

He had less than two hours with the hat before the short human found him. Once he was found there was more yelling and he got shot again.

Maybe next time he'd steal the gun instead.
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