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Lie For Me

Title: Weary Travels
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Implied past Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 1460
Rating: pg
Genre: Angst/Drama
Summary: Jack must decide between exposing a long kept secret or letting sleeping dogs lie for the greater good.
Disclaimer: I do not own them. I just play with them J
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: Serious!Jack, Angry!Will, Guilty!Elizabeth
Notes: This is only my second foray into PotC fanfic so please be gentle. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
Special Thanks: Disney for making all this possible. Without Captain Jack Sparrow, my life was a little less joyful

The light from the lone candle flickered across the dark walls of Jack’s quarters. He sat bespelled of the flame as it dance to and fro with the gentle rock of the ship. Thoughts raced through his mind, dancing from one to the next, much like the candle’s flame. He tried to decide the best way to go about all of the feelings he was having but nothing useful presented itself. He didn’t want to hurt Will. Even though he was kind of stuffed-shirted, Jack thought of him as a friend, something Jack had very few of. Will had risked life and limb to save him on more than one occasion, even in the face of treachery and betrayal from Jack himself.

Now it was Jack’s turn to save Will. Not from any physical danger or even something potentially life threatening, but from a matter of the heart. Which in its own stead could be one of the most grievous of wounds. Jack was sitting on a whale of a secret; one that could break everyone involved. It was the kind of secret that needed to be kept but needed to be told. Cleansing and healing could only come from the admittance of such a secret.

Frustrated, Jack slammed his fist onto the table and set the candle on its side. He watched the flame lick at the faded wood of the table for a moment before he righted it once more.

Get yourself together, mate. This isn’t like you to be so bloody contemplative. You’re Captain Jack Sparrow. Start acting like it.

“Right. I’m not acting like meself. They’re bound to notice.” Jack twirled the ends of his moustache and pushed back from the table when his door came bursting inward. Will stood in a storm of fury with Elizabeth right behind him and glared at Jack in a most unfriendly manner. Elizabeth wore a look of fear and guilt; her eyes sent pleading glances at Jack, don’t tell him, please, don’t tell him.

“What’s all this then, mate? What’s got your bloomers in a twist?”

Will lunged suddenly and Jack found himself pinned to the wall, Will’s hands clasping him roughly about the shoulders. Rage contorted Will’s handsome face into some otherworldly vision. When he spoke, his words were venomous.

“There are rumors going about this ship about you and Elizabeth. I want to know the truth. If you have had her then I think I deserve to know. I told you once upon our first meeting that I am no simpleton, Jack. Tell me the truth.”

Jack coughed and struggled to break free of Will’s grasp but he only held tighter.

“If you’ll kindly set me down, mate, I’d be glad to tell you whatever it is you’re wanting to hear. The truth, that is, not just what you’re wanting to hear because you’re afraid of hearing the truth. Savvy?”

Will released Jack suddenly and the rage began to ebb away and was replaced quickly with confusion.

Jack righted himself and grinned that Cheshire grin that made it obvious that he knew something interesting and was debating whether or not to share. He smoothed his hands down the front of his shirt and placed one hand on Will’s shoulder.

“Now, young lad, I don’t know what ya’ve heard or what has in fact been said, but if you could clarify what it is you’re wanting to know then perhaps I can give you a clear answer.”

Will’s face lit up in rage once more and he brushed Jack’s hand roughly away from his shoulder.

“It is being said that on that island you took Elizabeth. I do not believe she would lie to me but I know that you would. So I want the truth either by cooperation or by the sharp edge of my sword.”

Jack smiled, his gold caps glinting in the candle lit cabin. Hearing those words from Will’s mouth made him happy and weary at the same time.

“Like I said before, mate, for someone hell bent against being a pirate, you sure threaten like one.”

Will drew his sword and Jack moved back in a swift flash of hands and graceful footwork.

“I will have my answer one way or another, and a true one at that. I am no stranger to the nature of your storytelling Jack Sparrow.”

“Captain…Captain Jack Sparrow. Why is that so hard to remember, eh? I captain a bloody PIRATE SHIP!” Jack stomped his foot and danced around in frustration. Once he regained his composure he spoke calmly to Will. “You want your answer dear Will, then you shall have it.”

In that moment Jack caught Elizabeth’s gaze and his heart fell to the pit of his stomach. When he looked upon her he remembered that night by the fire and their passion that roared just as high, just as hot as those dancing flames. He remembered the touch of her skin and the taste of her lips. He had never felt anything so perfect as when she had danced above him, connected to him in a way he thought he would never experience again. He recalled the words that she spoke, Yes, Jack. So much in those simple words. The making of a woman and the breaking of not one, but two men.

Elizabeth’s eyes sparkled with unshed tears and her face betrayed her to the fact that she was unsure what Jack might say. She did not trust him to keep their secret. Her eyes pleaded with him and he could not refuse. He sighed and slumped down into the old wooden chair that rested slightly apart from the table.

“Young Turner, the rumors that fly aboard this vessel of vagrants and buccaneers are nothing more than that: rumors. When left to its own devices, the mind makes up its own entertainment. Nothing happened between your sweet Elizabeth and meself on that godforsaken island. Nothing except that she burned all my rum. Even if it were my way, I would not have had her but for that alone. It is bad form to burn, discard, or otherwise destroy a pirate’s rum.”

Will’s hand relaxed on his sword and his face held a hint of skepticism.

“How do I know you are telling me the truth?”

Jack stood and lightly placed a hand on Will’s shoulder.

“Come now, have I ever given you reason not to trust me?”

Will shook his head and laughed, sheathing his sword.

“You are a true character, Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“Aye. Now, young loves, go dispel these acrid rumors before they take flight into much more nasty things.”

Will made for the cabin door and stopped short to escort Elizabeth.

“I’ll be right there Will. Captain Jack and I need to have a few words.” Her tone was angry and Will took it that she meant to chastise Jack for being the beginner of such inappropriate rumors. He smiled longingly at her and left, closing the cabin door behind him.

Jack took his seat once more in the rickety chair and Elizabeth stood across from him, placing both hands palm down onto the table’s surface. She took a deep breath and looked up at Jack.

“It did mean something to me Jack. It was something I will never forget. But I love Will, and for that, he must never know. I do not wish to break his heart. I love him.”

Jack smiled wistfully and patted the table.

“Of course you do, love. But I am unsure of who you’re trying to convince.”

Anger flashed suddenly across that eloquent face and then suddenly it was gone, as quick as it came. Elizabeth stood and straightened her breeches in a fluid movement of languid hands.

“I am forever in your debt, Jack, for your discretion.”

Jack stood and moved closer to her, his hand lightly brushing the side of her face. He tilted her chin upward to be sure she saw him and placed a chaste kiss on her soft lips.

“No, love. Forever in my thoughts, but never in my debt.”

He stroked her skin gently once more and left her in the darkened cabin, crying silently.
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