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Challenge #8

Hi everyone,
I have some Mod babble to do right now, so here's the deal...this is the last semi-short challenge for a while. The whole new-challenge-every-day thing does get very taxing. I did it on and off for 7 months, so goodness! I know how you feel.

Next, I didn't make this community out to BE a speed one all the time, but I wanted to get some challenges under our belt to get things going and because I'm not going to have as much online time very soon.

As a heads up, I want to make Challenge 10 one where you go back and choose one of the previous challenges to complete. So, if you missed something and are dying to try it, you will get a chance. And you can start planning for it now if you want.

Also, I have had some questions regarding one of the rules - the one that says "no original characters" - so, I'd like to explain a little more..... my reasoning behind the 'no original characters' rule is because, I think, we are here for Pirates of the Caribbean fic. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea by me saying this because there isn't anything wrong with original fiction or creating new characters for the Pirates ones to interact with...but the intention of this community is to direct people into writing and exploring the Pirates characters. If this is done through OC's (such as giving them parents and siblings and old lovers and enemies and such), then I think it's perfectly acceptable....I just really want to avoid the whole 'Mary Sue' territory, you know? If you're creating a history and a whole world for one of the Pirates characters, then by all means, use OC's and whatever else you wish to do so. Just remember this is meant to be a Pirates community.

If you ever have a question about it, skyndsam or I would be happy to answer.

With that said... I would really like to hear your opinions on any and all of this. I mean, this is a community and I want you all to have a say. If you want, we can have a challenge that is a month long, or one that allows any OC's you can dream up. You just have to ask. Let me know what would make you guys happy.

And if you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment to share any opinion you have, then you are welcome to email me.

OK? :)


Write a fanfic. It can be as long or as short as you want, but must include ALL of the following elements:

1) Use this form at the beginning of your post
Word Count:
Special Thanks:

Then use an LJ cut by typing <*lj-cut text="insert story title or sentence blurb here"> without the star at the beginning.

2) Your challenge is to write a story that focuses on one or more of the minor characters i.e. not Jack, Will, or Liz or someone we know and hear a lot about. Major characters may appear in your fic if you wish, but one or more of the secondary characters should get the most attention.

3) Your fic must also include at least one of the following prompts: superstition, revelation, or hidden

4) Original characters are allowed, but keep them minimal as it is the Pirates characters that we want to focus on. NO crossovers.

5) You MUST write a new story for this contest. Previously written stories are not accepted. Submissions will be kept secret until after the deadline.

6) Once you are finished, post your story to piratechallenge by updating your journal. I.E. your fic must be in it's own post. It will be approved after the deadline.

7) To be eligible for the contest, your fic MUST be posted before the deadline. If you miss a challenge, no worries. Hopefully, there will be plenty more opportunities. :)

8) Deadline for this challenge: 11:59PM EST on SUNDAY, AUGUST 13th.

If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, comment here or email us at or

If you need a "second opinion" or some editing help before posting, check out our list of Betas!

And if there is any challenge you'd like to see, please submit it to our Prompt Ideas/Requests post.

Good luck!
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