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Challenge the seventh

Title: Lost Your Mind?
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 349
Rating: PG
Genre: Silly.
Summary: Jack and James are having an argument. Comes sometime after my fic Sweet and Twisted.
Disclaimer: If I owned them I would be getting paid for this.
Spoilers: None at all.
Warnings: Men kissing.
Notes: The 'lost object' is not a tangible one... as the title may suggest.
Special Thanks: To the creators of this wonderful community.

James Norrington and Jack Sparrow were having an argument.

It had begun sensibly enough, to be sure: James had pointed out the futility of Jack keeping him on board the Black Pearl if Jack wasn't even going to try to get some sort of ransom for him; Jack had protested, claiming he was getting around to it; James objected to this, saying he would know if Jack was doing anything about it, since he was never anywhere but the deck or Jack's cabin, and never far away from Jack; this led to further argument on whether or not James needed protection from the crew. But after an hour or so it had all degenerated into them swearing at each other in various languages.

James was in the middle of what he felt was a rather good insult, in French no less, when Jack saw a chance and seized it: he planted a kiss firmly on James' lips, and proceeded to render the other man totally speechless. It was a good kiss, as these things go, and a rather long one.

When the kiss finally ended, Jack looked smugly at James, who stared at Jack with an expression of utter shock.

"Have you lost your mind?" James asked, bewildered, and admittedly impressed.

"Yep," Jack replied cheerfully. At James' continuing bewilderment, he elaborated: "I think I left it somewhere near Jamaica. But I could be wrong."

"Why did you do–that?"

"What, losing me mind? Couldn't find it, mate." Jack grinned.

"No, that. Kissing me."

"Oh, that. Well, you see, James, I couldn't help meself. You're so pretty when you're mad, and I couldn't help but feel that I had in front of me what I call an opportune moment. So I took the chance, and here we are." He waved his arms to indicate their current surroundings, viz., his cabin.

"But..." James was at a loss for words.

"Now here is another opportune moment," said Jack, and kissed James again.

James decided that kissing was much nicer than arguing, and he could always punish Jack for his incredible impertinence later...
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