September 29th, 2007

Sherie yellow

#12 - the decision

All right my crew, I've come to a decision about #12 -the month long challenge- because I think it is something that everyone would like to try.

The challenge will come to an end this weekend as scheduled, BUT this end will be a "first draft" contest.

What I mean by this is anyone who has a story or who has started a story may enter it for "Challenge 12: DRAFT 1"

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The new deadline for DRAFT 1 will be 11:59PM EST on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1st in order to give anyone who wants to start or edit things a chance to enter.

Now, since we have a draft 1... we're also going to have a draft 2 contest.

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Just to be clear, you do NOT have to enter both phases of this challenge. You may enter one and be done with it, you may enter Draft 1 and then do editing and enter Draft 2 or you may submit half a story for Draft 1 and leave it as a cliffhanger and then enter Draft 2 with the ending (or you could leave your story as a cliffhanger and not enter Draft 2, but please try and finish for the sake of your fans readers ;) ), but really, do whatever makes you happy.

Hopefully this will allow everyone who wants to the chance to participate in this challenge. Sound good?

If you're going to submit a story for Challenge 12: Draft 1, comment here so I know you read this. Thanks! :)

And as always, comment or email if you have questions.

Your Captain
otherwise known as Mod Jenwyn ;)