February 25th, 2007

One chapter behind

Challenge 23 & Banners

Hey everyone. Hope that you had a good weekend. This next challenge is going to be a full week, Sunday evening to Sunday evening. Hopefully we'll get a few more people involved. The points are as follows right now:

summerstwilight is leading the pack with 27 points.
heatherlayne_n has 14 points.

Remember, you can post as many stories as you want for each prompt, so don't think you can't catch up to these two. Again, the prize is for the first person to reach 100 points and it's a custom-made PotC-themed wallpaper. But, in all honesty, the points don't really matter. I'm just trying to boost participation. That's all. So, please write, even if you don't give a shit about points.

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