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January 16th, 2007

Me and Matt

Challenge #20

Posted by heatherlayne_n on 1/16/07 at 10:55 pm
Title: Her Game
Author: heatherlayne_n
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth...?
Word Count: approx. 1,440
Rating: mild PG-13
Genre: Gen, angst-ish
Summary: Challenge #20 = Jack needs rescuing
Disclaimer: Not mine, not for profit.
Spoilers: For DMC, barely. I don't know when this would take place. Perhaps after AWE, though since I haven't seen anything about that movie, there are no spoilers for it here.
Warnings: Messy eating
Notes: I started this before work today, and finished it later at night. Sorry it wasn't in in time for the actual deadline of Challenge 20.

Dripping, oozing, gushing. Sticky-sweet fingers tinged with sea salt. Sugary juice covering the creases in her knuckles. Lick them clean as he lay her down in the sand, his tongue between her fingers, across her palm as he....Collapse )

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