September 5th, 2006

as dead as a doornail

Challenge #13

Title: Circles in the sand

Author: Penny-Elizabeth, or robes_of_earth, whichever you wish.

Characters: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, references to Barbossa

Word Count: 1477

Genre: Gen

Summary: Missing moment on Rum Runner' Island -between the finding of the stash and the dancing drunkenly about the fire ^_^

Disclaimer: The Great Voldiemouse owns all.

Spoilers: nope

Warnings: Rum? (argh!run!)

Notes: I'm terrible at writing Jack, but they spent more time on the island that what we saw and I'm curious to what they would've talked about. Plus I'm really enjoying Elizabeth's character and how she interacts with the boys.

Special Thanks: rum!

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