September 4th, 2006

Challenge 13

Title: A promise
Word Count:452
Rating: pg-13
Summary: jack stranded on that godforsaken spit of land the first time and his promise to the pearl.
Disclaimer: Don't own it The Mouse does.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: mild swearing
notes: feedback is love even if you thought it was poorly written I'd like to know.

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Challenge #13 - Where's the Rum?

Title: Where’s the Rum?
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Jack (wee mention of Elizabeth)
Word Count: 512
Rating: PG for rum and British swearing.
Genre: Gen/Fun
Summary: After the events of DMC, Jack finds himself in what he decides is a pretty cushy situation.
Disclaimer: Disney, thank you for the pirates.
Spoilers: Post-DMC, savvy?!
Warnings: Do not read when in want of a drink.
Notes: Wow! A short one again! I must be saving all of my words up for Challenge # 12 ;)
Special Thanks: the betalicious estelendur

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Challenge 13: Rules

Title: Rules
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 1246
Rating: PG-13, I guess
Genre: Pre-romance?
Summary: Direct sequel to Something to Lose. Jack decides that he needs to make some rules for James.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never was. Wish it would be.
Spoilers: Yes. (Minor DMC)
Warnings: Includes the word "blearily". Men sleeping together. The men sleeping together aren't having sex. Blatant claiming of Norrington's person by Jack. Norrington being oblivious to said claiming. Alcohol use. Mentions of fire. Extremely vaguely implied instances of men having sex. The men having sex aren't Jack and James.
Notes: This fic owes a great deal to The Buccaneer, by M. S. Hunter. Also I feel silly tonight. SCHOOL TOMORROW OH NOES!
Special Thanks: Thanks to my betas, witchbabyweetz and greenmtnboy18.
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Me and Matt

Challenge #13: Bottles

Title: Bottle
Author: Heather Layne
Pairing/Characters: Jack and Jack
Word Count: about 200
Rating: G
Genre: Silly
Summary: Challenge #13--Lying on the beach drinking rum. Also: monkey!
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: None, really
Warnings: Er, rum?
Notes: I seriously meant to write something fantastic for this challenge, because it could have been a lot of fun (and was! I love all the stories posted!), but somehow I didn't get to it this weekend, and then I was out today, and I always forget that midnight EST means 10 for me and I had like thismuch time to write it. So. Here you go.
Special Thanks: Thanks to the member who did the Jack the Monkey stories! (I can't bloody remember who you are--speak up in the comments if it's you/you know who it is.) 'Tis fun. Didn't mean to steal your thunder or anything, but see above. It was all I could come up with in ten minutes.

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Willow/Tara spin

Challenge End

CHALLENGE #13 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

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