August 14th, 2006

Challenge # 8 - Tale of a Heart

Title: Tale of a Heart
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Bootstrap Bill
Word Count: 900+
Rating: PG for one use of the word “damn.” Shocking, I know.
Genre: Love and history, luv.
Summary: How Bootstrap Bill came to be the man we (sort of) know.
Disclaimer: Disney created these amazing characters, but now they take up their own lives in our minds.
Spoilers: Some vague references to Dead Man’s Chest.
Warnings: See rating ;)
Notes: This was written at the very last minute. Hopefully it doesn’t read that way because I loved it as I wrote it.
Special Thanks: To all of you lovely people for writing and reading and pirate loving!

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as dead as a doornail

Challenge eight

Title: The Devil and Davy Jones

Author: Penny-Elizabeth

Pairing/Characters: Davy Jones/The Woman.

Word Count: 622

Rating: PG13

Summary: A short drabbly thing theorising in the mind of a man lost to his heart.

Disclaimer: Davy Jones belongs to the ages, but I suppose a really good lawyer would say this sounds like a certain Disney-owned stroy, to the mouse.

Spoilers: DMC. But if you ain't seen it yet... *sharpens sword*

Notes: It's 5am, my uterus is KILLING me, and my brain came up with this. It's occured ot me lately just how much Barbossa and Davy are alike- both are just men made black with what the world has down to them. There is a definate pattern of choices, desire, want, need and greed in these films and characters that I'll no doubt study sometime very soon when my very painful Curse of the Women's Bits has faded.

Special Thanks: To all those who've made me think of doing what Davy did, and those that made me glad I didn't... (ooh, deep!)

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Now for the love of Calypso, can we slow it down a little? Any more speeding and I'll crash! :P
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