August 13th, 2006

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Challenge #8: A Glimpse, A Taste

Title: A Glimpse, A Taste
Author: gorthead
Pairing/Characters: Scarlett, Giselle, quick mention of Jack
Word Count: 411
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Character study
Summary: Scarlett is no pirate, but she's the next best thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own PotC and am making no money, but a friend of mine knows the actress who plays Giselle. Does that count? Either way, please don't sue me.
Spoilers: None at all
Warnings: Incredibly vaguely implied sex
Notes: I thought it would be hard to come up with an idea for this challenge, but this came so naturally. I never even considered other characters. It makes me want to do more with Scarlett; I've developed a soft spot for her. Also, to clarify, because it may be unclear: the prompt I used was 'hidden', in reference to Scarlett's thoughts, but it was more an inspiration than something I blatantly included in the fic.
Special Thanks: To my friend Shelley for having her birthday party tonight, thereby forcing me to get this finished with plenty of time to spare (for once!)

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Challenge 8, The Continued Adventures of Jack the Monkey

Title: The Continued Adventures of Jack the Monkey
Author: kirana_44
Character: Jack the Monkey
Word Count: 132
Rating: G
Genre: Really really silly?
Summary: The hat will be his.
Disclaimer: Mine very very not mine. If they were worries about student loans would be a thing of the past.
Spoilers: Vaguely for DMC, probably takes place before it though.
Notes: I couldn't help it this seemed the perfect chance to write more about the monkey. And I'm beginning to think I need an icon of the monkey if I'm going to keep this up.

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#8: Strange Fire (AnaMaria)

Title: Strange Fire
By Clarity Scifiroots

Characters/Pairings: AnaMaria, Gibbs, bit o’ Jack, Tia Dalma | Ana/Tia, past implications of Jack/Ana
Word Count: 1,472
Rating: Teen/PG-13 for sexual implications
Regular disclaimers apply. I look nothing like Mickey Mouse or Johnny Depp or any of the others who could lay claim to the creation of Pirates. Title inspired by the Indigo Girls’ song of the same name.

Spoilers: Various for DMC
Summary: How AnaMaria finally got a ship of her own. Set between Curse and DMC.
Notes: A side story to my fic “Try Not to Breathe,” although both stories can stand alone. Part of my post-DMC series of fics. Almost forgot, the wiki entry on Vodou is fascinating and helped me come up with some future ideas. A manbo is a Vodou priestess. ;)

Edited August 14, 2006

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Too Pint - Challenge #8

Title: Too Pint
Author: mmmfishfingers
Pairing/Characters: Ragetti, Pintel, Bo'sun
Word Count: 512
Rating: PG for Pintel's pirate-y mouth.
Genre: General
Summary: Ragetti has a secret.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did, there would be a forth movie. All about Pinters and Rags. What a sight that would be!
Spoilers: Takes place during Curse of the Black Pearl. So if you haven't seen that...seriously, if you haven't seen that.. go see it now!
Warnings: None.
Notes: Love to "my" boys Rags and Pinters.
Special Thanks: st_minority for beta-ing and nasgul_number_7 for helping with everything.

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Challenge 8

Title: For the Love of a Lady
Author: summerstwilight
Pairing/Characters: Gillette, Groves, Giselle, and a splash of Norrington
Word Count: 1353
Rating: PG
Genre: General drama, though it’s a little angsty
Summary: Lt. Groves and Lt. Gillette spend the night before Jack Sparrow’s hanging discussing love.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Disney, they aren’t mine.
Spoilers: Just for CotBP
Warnings: None
Notes: Groves has something revealed, and Gillette has something hidden. (I liked them both). Also, my word processor is freaking out, so there may be some spelling/grammer issues that I didn’t see, despite double checking. Apologies.
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Challenge the eighth

Title: Monkey
Author: Estelendur
Character: Jack the Monkey
Word Count: 310
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Summary: Jack the monkey's adventures between the two movies.
Disclaimer: I don't own the monkey. Nor do I own the people who are mentioned. Disney owns PotC.
Spoilers: Makes a ton more sense if you've seen the after-credits easter egg for CotBP and have also seen DMC. Spoils parts of DMC if you pick up on who all the people are.
Warnings: Described by a friend as 'trippy'. Much different from the other stuff I've posted here. Other than that, nothing.
Notes: Uh... Nope. No notes.
Special Thanks: Thanks to witchbabyweetz and my friend Griffin for the betas.
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Challenge #8--The Very Image

Title: The Very Image
Author: heatherlayne_n
Pairing/Characters: Weatherby Swann
Word Count: approx. 900
Rating: PG
Genre: General, angst-ish
Summary: Challenge #8 = Minor character(s) and superstition/revelation/hidden -- Weatherby Swann muses on the death of his wife and the future of his daughter.
Disclaimer: I screwed around all evening looking at other PotC fanart and fanfic, but I wanted to get this up in time for the challenge, so I had two hours in which to do it, total. Consider yourselves warned, heh.
Spoilers: None, really. It could be taken as happening in a couple of different times in either of the movies.
Warnings: n/a
Notes: n/a
Special Thanks: n/a

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Challenge End

CHALLENGE #8 has ended. Authors may go ahead and post their fics wherever they want.

Please vote here with what you think are the best three fics.

You have until 11 pm EST on Tuesday August 15th to vote.
(No Anonymous voting)

Willow/Tara spin

Challenge #9 and #10

Since I already told you about challenge 10, I'm going to officially issue these at the same time. But they do have different end times, so be sure to look at those. :)

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If you are interested in participating or if you have any questions, comment here or email us at or

If you need a "second opinion" or some editing help before posting, check out our list of Betas!

And if there is any challenge you'd like to see, please submit it to our Prompt Ideas/Requests post.

Good luck!
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Challenge #8 : A Eulogy of Hope and Despair

Title: A Eulogy of Hope and Despair
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Lord Culter Beckett, Tia Dalma (mentions of Norrington)
Word Count: 1702
Rating: PG
Summary: After the events of DMC, Lord Beckett and Tia Dalma reflect on what has happened and what is to come...
Disclaimer: I own neither character, though it did take me a while to come up with the title and the nifty way of presenting this.
Spoilers: Post-DMC. Loaded with spoilers, both subtle and not-so-subtle.
Warnings: Evilness and overloading for Beckett, general air of mystery for Tia. <3
Notes: This is to serve as the prologue for my longer Norrington fic. Hope is by Tia, Despair by Beckett's POV.
Special Thanks: This challenge. ^^ Thanks to this, I'm finally getting started on a story I was delaying needlessly. Thanks for the motivation!

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