August 11th, 2006

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Challenge entry

Title: The Body is a Map

Author: Penny-Elizabeth

Pairing/Characters: Barbossa/random whore

Word Count: 747 I think

Rating: let’s say NC17

Genre: erotique ^_^

Summary: Barbossa visits a ‘house of ill repute’

Disclaimer: Mouse = ownage.

Spoilers: If you ain’t seen ‘em both yet, you don’t deserve to be protected!

Warnings: Only if Nice!Barbossa frightens you

Notes: I based this on my thoughts about the curse, about how a man like Barbossa who clearly enjoys the finer things of life (pirating was probably just about the most hedonistic thing you could do back then) would deal with not being able to find fulfilment in anything. I decided he’d adapt himself to enjoying the act of watching others enjoy themselves- he clearly enjoyed watching Elizabeth eat that night on the Black Pearl.

Special Thanks: To Geoffrey and his apple! Joy!!

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Challenge # 6: No Truth At All

Title: No Truth At All
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: Roughly 1600
Rating: PG-13 for mention of violence and such
Genre: Angst
Summary: Elizabeth beseeches Jack to delve into his past and tell her the tale of his first encounter with Cutler Becket that led to the bullet scars on his chest and the brand on his arm.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not even the computer I'm using to write this.
Spoilers: erm BP, maybe
Warnings: Jack gets serious and sentimental. Be warned.
Notes: I got the idea for this from watching the "No Truth At All" deleted scene on CBP. I enjoyed writing it so I hope all of you enjoy reading it. It could use more detail but I was rushing to get it finished at all so perhaps later I'll re visit it and add some more piratey goodness to it.
Special Thanks: To my awesome, wonderufl, fantabulistic BETA mistress_gwen

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Me and Matt

Challenge #7--Ball and Chain

Title: Ball and Chain
Author: heatherlayne_n
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth, sort of Norrington/Elizabeth
Word Count: Approx. 1,300
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo and language
Genre: Snark, humour, bit of angst
Summary: The opportune moment, an argument, a lost item and a kiss. Not necessarily in that order. Jack unwittingly tricks Elizabeth into doing something she'll later regret, but it sure was awfully fun to write. There might possibly be more from a different perspective of the same night.
Disclaimer: Do I really have to say it?
Spoilers: Through DMC
Warnings: Uh... pirates? Beware!
Notes: My first ever PotC fic, and my first post here. Constructive criticism is welcome, especially on plot (I've only seen DMC once) and characterization (as I'm still "learning" them all). I know the end's a little iffy, but I'm getting the hang of things. I hope.
Special Thanks: To piratechallenge for inspiring (FINALLY) my first PotC fanfic!

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(no subject)

Title: An Opportune Proposal
Author: summerstwilight
Pairing/Characters: Estrella/Lt. Groves
Word Count: 1438
Rating: PG
Genre: general fic, with a touch of romance
Summary: Four days before Will and Elizabeth’s wedding, Elizabeth’s maid finds herself faced with a proposal of a different sort.
Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, they all belong to Disney. No money being made from this.
Spoilers: Just for CotBP
Warnings: none.
Notes: For those who don’t recognize the characters, Estrella is Elizabeth’s maid from the first movie, and Lt. Groves is the guy who said “That’s the best pirate I’ve ever seen.” Also, the lost item is found by the end and the argument is rather short
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Elizabeth - Drag Queen
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Challenge 7 Fic: What She Wants

Title: What She Wants
Author: moriath
Pairing/Characters: Tia Dalma/Elizabeth, past Tia Dalma/Jack
Word Count: 1294
Rating: PG
Genre: Mostly gen
Summary: Tia Dalma knows what she wants. And she knows everyone who wanders into her hut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Sadly.
Spoilers: Dead Man's Chest
Warnings: Lil' bit of femmeslash in this one, at least on Tia Dalma's end, but I couldn't force anything more explicit into the fic.
Notes: It's a mild argument, a short kiss and it's more of a lost person than an object, but hopefully it still passes muster!

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Challenge 7

Tittle: Just the Right Moment
Character: Jack
Rating: G
Word Count: 152
Genre: Gen?
Disclaimer: So very very not mine.
Spoilers: It could possibly be mildly spoilery for DMC.
Notes: This is a rather broad interpretation of the challenge, but I wanted to try something a little different.

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Liz pirate

Challenge #8

Hi everyone,
I have some Mod babble to do right now, so here's the deal...this is the last semi-short challenge for a while. The whole new-challenge-every-day thing does get very taxing. I did it on and off for 7 months, so goodness! I know how you feel.

Next, I didn't make this community out to BE a speed one all the time, but I wanted to get some challenges under our belt to get things going and because I'm not going to have as much online time very soon.

As a heads up, I want to make Challenge 10 one where you go back and choose one of the previous challenges to complete. So, if you missed something and are dying to try it, you will get a chance. And you can start planning for it now if you want.

Also, I have had some questions regarding one of the rules - the one that says "no original characters" - so, I'd like to explain a little more..... my reasoning behind the 'no original characters' rule is because, I think, we are here for Pirates of the Caribbean fic. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea by me saying this because there isn't anything wrong with original fiction or creating new characters for the Pirates ones to interact with...but the intention of this community is to direct people into writing and exploring the Pirates characters. If this is done through OC's (such as giving them parents and siblings and old lovers and enemies and such), then I think it's perfectly acceptable....I just really want to avoid the whole 'Mary Sue' territory, you know? If you're creating a history and a whole world for one of the Pirates characters, then by all means, use OC's and whatever else you wish to do so. Just remember this is meant to be a Pirates community.

If you ever have a question about it, skyndsam or I would be happy to answer.

With that said... I would really like to hear your opinions on any and all of this. I mean, this is a community and I want you all to have a say. If you want, we can have a challenge that is a month long, or one that allows any OC's you can dream up. You just have to ask. Let me know what would make you guys happy.

And if you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment to share any opinion you have, then you are welcome to email me.

OK? :)


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Challenge the seventh

Title: Lost Your Mind?
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Sparrington
Word Count: 349
Rating: PG
Genre: Silly.
Summary: Jack and James are having an argument. Comes sometime after my fic Sweet and Twisted.
Disclaimer: If I owned them I would be getting paid for this.
Spoilers: None at all.
Warnings: Men kissing.
Notes: The 'lost object' is not a tangible one... as the title may suggest.
Special Thanks: To the creators of this wonderful community.
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(no subject)

Title: An Argument of Pirates and Misplaced Naval Treaties
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Norrington, young!Elizabeth
Word Count: 1532
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Summary: Norrington, sick and searching for his book, meets an ally and an unlikely fellow student of naval theory. On the hunt for the book, though, it's every man for himself, pitting the lieutenant against the governor's daughter in race where anything goes.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: None, except for some cuteness and Liz!manipulation.
Notes: Written very quickly, edited quickly. Somewhat sequel to 'A High Compliment Indeed'. Enjoy!

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st tos: kirk/spock

Challenge #7: Commandeer the Atmosphere

Title: Commandeer the Atmosphere
Author: gorthead
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 893
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluffy fluffiness
Summary: Elizabeth finds herself at odds with the compass, and Jack figures a few things out.
Disclaimer: They're not mine, they're Disney's. I would make up something witty to put here, but I managed to leave this to the last second.
Spoilers: Really, indescribably vague DMC spoilers.
Warnings: Schmoop and "this was written in about an hour, so beware" syndrome. :P
Notes: I missed this challenge a lot while I was in the Bahamas, so I really wanted to submit something! Unfortunately, I had a very busy day, so I haven't even had time to reread this.
Special Thanks: supermeghan and her Jack/Elizabeth mix. I am at her house right now, and we've been brainstorming and generally flailing about J/E most of the evening. This is always inspiring. Also, Architecture in Helsinki, for writing "Wishbone", which is amazingly J/E, and gave me a title for this fic.

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