August 8th, 2006


Challenge Five -- This Pirate Fixation.

Title: This Pirate Fixation.

Author: Elske [elskegaderian]

Pairing/Characters: genfic, with Elizabeth, Will, Norrington and mention of Jack.

Word Count: 774.

Rating: Safe for all ages.

Genre: Um. Slightly-humourous genfic? That's what I intended, anyway. (:

Summary: In which young Will doesn't share young Elizabeth's fixation for pirates, Norrington is certainly not jealous that Will's getting all of Elizabeth's attention, and Elizabeth's quite fond of a certain Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, sadly enough. Written for fun, not profit, and all of that.

Spoilers: For just a few things in Curse, nothing major. Set just after the flashback where Elizabeth first meets Will.

Warnings:, probable historical inaccuracies? I'm good at slip-ups with my historical accuracy. No major warnings, though, it's just a little piece of genfic.

Notes: Inspired, in part, by the part on the Jack/Kiera commentary track where he mentions that Norrington and Elizabeth would have been friends for quite a few years. I couldn't decide what Norrington's rank was supposed to be here - I think the movie possibly calls him Lieutenant, but the novelization refers to him as Captain, and I quite like the title "Captain Norrington".
I am possibly stretching the required Elizabeth/Jack romance, but hopefully I get points for creativity. (:

Special Thanks: To whoever came up with this challenge. Writing this was the most fun I've had in days!

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Challenge the fifth

Title: A Gift From Jack
Author: Estelendur
Pairing/Characters: Will, Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned, lots of stuff implied
Word Count: 433
Rating: PG
Genre: ...I dunno. Drama?
Summary: Will's mad at Jack. Norrington wants to know why. Set after DMC and PotC3.
Disclaimer: I am not an anthropomorphous mouse. Therefore they aren't mine.
Spoilers: Minor DMC spoilers. No mentions of
Warnings: None
Notes: I wrote this in about 20 minutes. Fun.
Special Thanks: To witchbabyweetz for the beta. :)
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Pirate Challenge #5

This is my first post to this community, my first Pirates ficlet, and my first try at attempting an "LJ cut". Hopefully, all goes well.

Title: Justice Is Its Own Reward
Author: Peacey
Pairing/Characters: Will Turner Jr./Norrington
Word Count: 1583 (including this heading)
Rating: Say PG-13ish for modest, implied slashiness and a hint of implied sadomasochism (no actual acts of such though)
Genre: No romance, little angst, a touch of humor maybe.
Summary: Will Jr. seeks out justice.
Disclaimer: Mickey owns 'em. I play with 'em. No money, don't sue.
Spoilers: DMC, the kissing parts.
Warnings: Implied slashiness & a predilection towards sadomasochism (nothing overt or specific)
Special Thanks: To me for getting this bunny out of my head so I can continue to work on my real book.

Justice Is Its Own Reward

Challenge # 5 already! Woo hoo!

Title: A Changing of the Tide
Author: witchbabyweetz
Characters/Pairing: Will/Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned
Word Count: roughly 700
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst and love
Summary: Will tries to understand why Jack took Elizabeth away from him and what this might mean for him and Norrington.
Disclaimer: Thank you Walt Disney for creating these beautiful, fascinating men (and woman, I suppose).
Spoilers: None, really. I imagine it sometime post-DMC, but that’s not really integral or giving away anything.
Notes: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I went way shorter than usual (for fear that no one wants to read me long ones and partly because of tiredness/time constraints), and I feel like it doesn’t explain enough or flow. But who knows? If you’d like to tell me I’m wrong, I won’t argue ;)
Special Thanks: Betas are love – thanks estelendur!

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Not what it looks like

Challenge # 5: Which Hurts More?

Title: Which Hurts More?
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Mention of J/E, Norrington, Will
Word Count: 691
Rating: R for violence
Genre: Angst
Summary: Norrington tries to beat the truth out of Will.
Disclaimer: Violence and snark
Spoilers: erm, DMC just to be on the safe side
Warnings: Gratuitous whipping.
Notes: If you all like this then I may consider turning it into a full blown fic. R&R!!!
Special Thanks: To everyone! I love you all!

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made by commodoreschick

Challenge 5: The Other Side to Fairy Tales

Title: The Other Side to Fairy Tales
Author: Commodore's Chick
Pairing/Characters: Jack/ Elizabeth, Norrington, Will
Word Count: 1469
Rating: PG-13 for drinking and swearing. Norrie drinks, Will swears: it all evens out. ;D Gun violence, too, now that I think of it.
Genre: Angst/Humour (does this even exist?)
Summary: Set at the end of the "Pirates" trilogy. Elizabeth sails off with Jack,  Norrington educates Will about fairy tales and what happens to those who don't "live happily ever after". The two rejected try to cope with their loss, but instead decide on another plan of action. Some angst at the beginning, humour and general good-feeling at the end.
Disclaimer: I am owned by "Pirates of the Caribbean". It forces me to stay up late and write when I should be doing other, more important summer projects for school and sleeping. It has taken over my life for the time being, thus do I shamelessly admit that I am playing with characters that aren't even mine.
Spoilers: None, surprisingly, considering that it takes place after everything has ended. Slight DMC, if you count the compass' purpose.
Warnings: Do not attempt to educate Will about fairies without the proper permit and registration. Norrington is a trained and liscensed professional. Any stunts performed in this fic should not be attempted at home. Thank you.
Notes: This started off as another angst piece, Will and Norrington watching their mutual beloved sail off with Jack Sparrow. Half-way through, I changed course for a "different" sort of ending, the kind I think PotC should have. One of them's bound to get the girl, but what about the other two? This, again, proves how much of a sap I am and forever shall be. Also, to further accent my historical accuracy, I'm not sure if the story I'm alluding in there to even exists in PotC time. But let's pretend it does. ;D
Special Thanks: To the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Fairy Books, because at midnight I cannot remember which of them contains "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". I figure I had better thank them all, just in case.

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Title: Merely a Fleeting Desire
Author:pyraterose  aka Kee or Keira, you choose. ^_^
Pairing/Characters: past Norry/Elizabeth, present Will/Elizabeth and present Jack/Elizabeth. My that woman gets around! Lucky wench.
Word Count: 660
Rating: erm...PG for a swear word.
Genre: General.
Summary: Lizzie's a player. The two men who's hearts she's broken reflect as they see her messing around with a certain pirate captain on two different occasions.
Disclaimer: I just play with them. The mouse owns 'em.
Spoilers: A few DMC J/E things and the ending of DMC.
Warnings: nope.
Notes: nope.
Special Thanks: to  and liquidwind two of my real-life friends who beta-ed and gave input. jangojips came up with the title and  liquidwind gets thanks for saying that my writing skills have improved immeasurably since I was 14. Which was 4 years ago. And for just now noticing that I'm better than I was in 9th grade. Dork. And also for admitting she's been secretly shipping J/E for the last 3 years, just like me.

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Challenge 5: Try Not to Breathe

Try Not to Breathe
By Clarity Scifiroots
Pairings: pre-Will/Jack, implied Will/Elizabeth, implied Jack/Elizabeth, implied Norrington/AnaMaria, implied Norrington/Elizabeth
Word Count: 5,252
Rating: Teen – strong sexual language in parts
Genre: Drama
Summary: The beginning of an important journey.
Disclaimers apply, it’s fanfiction afterall. Title comes from an R.E.M. song that I saw on my playlist while seeking out a title.
Spoilers: Crazy amounts for all of DMC, set post-movie.
Warnings: Crazy implications of all sorts of pairings. But seriously, nothing much.
Notes: My first participation in piratechallenge!  Blink and you'll miss the required required mention of whipping. And please be aware that I was falling asleep by the last scene so I apologize for any incoherency.

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