July 31st, 2006

The rollicking sea adventures of the magpie and the sparrow, mate...

Title: The Sparrow and the Magpie
Author: Keelie Hall
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Will
Word Count: About 2000, luv.
Rating: PG
Genre: Admittedly, but hopefully realistically, romantic.
Summary: Will is serving upon the Pearl and carries with him a secret that Jack claims to know better than Will does himself. A night of drinking indeed leads to a night of self-discovery, but Will is not the only one whose secret is revealed.
Disclaimer: Disney owns Jack and Will. Jack owns Will. Either man can own me any day of the week ;)
Spoilers: This is mostly just a post-Curse of the Black Pearl universe in which Will and Elizabeth have parted ways and the young blacksmith is serving upon Jack’s ship. It exists pretty much on its own, independent of either movie, not giving away anything one way or another. Savvy?
Warnings: Don’t be readin’ if ye don’t want some Jack & Will mush in yer brain.
Notes: This is my first prompted fan fic and only my third fan fic in general. I hope I didn’t go overboard with the secret theme (or get confusing with the magpie/sparrow bit), and while I think the candle is apparent, and the first, hopefully the debt is too. And if anything doesn’t make sense, I was working right to the very end of the deadline. Blasted work and responsibilities and such – Why can’t a girl just write about pirates all day? Arg.
Special Thanks: Thanks go to elvensorceress for creating this community and befriending me ;) And to all of ye who read…

And, of course, to Johnny and Orlando for giving me so much to feed my overactive imagination!

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I hope I'm doing this right...

Title: In the Spider’s Parlour
Author: Penny Elizabeth
Pairing/Characters: Barbossa/Tia Dalma
Word Count: 1205
Rating: PG (I have the naughties- come on, it’s Barbossa!)
Genre: …umm…mellow sexy? Is that a genre?
Summary: A missing moment after Jack leaves the cottage. There are a few theories floating about as to how come Barbossa isn't dead, and one of them is that Tia revived him. I'm stickin' to that here.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns all, the lucky old rodent.
Spoilers: Only if you ain’t seen it!
Warnings: ummm…not really. Unless you're scared of apples!
Notes: Never done a proper challenge before- I hope everything is (pardon the pun) ship-shape.
Special Thanks: To Geoffrey Rush for being so damn hot. ^_^

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  • gewgaw


Title: Curiosity
Author: gewgaw
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Norrington/Liz
Word Count: 2500
Rating: R for sex scene.
Genre: schmut
Summary: My take on Elizabeth as a total drunken whore who indulges in a wee bit of fun.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns Pirates. How disturbing.
Spoilers: CoTBP and DMC, definitely. All revealed via conversation.
Warnings: SCHMUT GALORE! NOT FOR CHILDREN! Very little plot. Lots of pointless (and hopefully funny) conversation.
Notes: My first go at piratefic, smut and threesome smut. Apologies for any errors in canon or grammar as this story has been written sans a beta as she is away in France.
Special Thanks: esp to lizardspots's smut. Very inspirational.

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Challenge #2

Title: Bloody Mutinying Bastard
Author: Estelendur
Pairing: Jack/Barbossa
Word Count: 130
Rating: PG (some swearing)
Genre: Drunken ramblings
Summary: Jack's drunk and thinking about Barbossa's betrayal.
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns all. I'm not getting paid for this.
Spoilers: Probably somewhere in the middle of the first movie or before, and only spoilers for CotBP.
Warnings: Many many fragmented sentences. Unbeta'd.
Notes: Never actually done a challenge before, and this is the second fic I've written in several months. Sort of free-thought-flow.
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Challenge #2

Title: Pretty Things
Author: kirana_44
Characters/Pairings: Jack, Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will/Elizabeth if you look at it just so.
Word Count: 209
Rating: G maybe PG if you squint just right.
Summary: Jack always liked pretty things.
Disclaimer: So very very not mine, if they were I wouldn’t have to worry about student loans and rent so much.
Spoilers: None
Notes: Although I do like the second movie, for this story I have chosen to pretend it doesn't exist.

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Willow/Tara spin

Beta list...

To be simple.... betas = LOVE.

To be more specific....it is always a good idea to have someone else look over your writing before you 'publish' it. I'd like to start a contact list so anyone who wants to have another pair of eyes will have someone to go to.

If anyone is willing & able to edit and read-over stories....please respond to this post so other members can contact you when needed.

You may use this format if you wish:

Normally read:
Willing to read:
NOT willing to read:
Editing specialties: (such as grammar, spelling, historical knowledge, etc...)
Best way to contact me:

TV - Good Omens: In The Beginning

Piratechallenge Challenge #2 Response

Title: A Stolen Heart
Author: Classics_Lover classics_lover
Pairing/Characters: Gillington with Groves on the side(lines). Naval love.
Word Count: 895
Rating: 12A, PG, Nothing naughty going on here at all.
Genre: Oh, I'd say this is Angst. A bit of Romance. Is *awwwww* a genre?
Summary: Theo and Andrew get James to open up about his worries. *awwww* ensues.
Disclaimer: They are Not Mine, and Not Stolen. Borrowed, savvy?
Spoilers: This fic assumes DMC never happened.
Warnings: You're gonna need hankies.
Notes: The Prompt is Stolen. The Powers of Wicklow are real, it was they who built Powerscourt House and Gardens. Feedback would be treasured.
Special Thanks: I don't use a beta, so all mistakes herein are mine. Dedicated to hms_dauntless for being generally wonderful.
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Never one to back down from a challenge...

Title: Pocketed Things.
Author: Keelie Hall.
Pairing/Characters: Miss Swann and Captain Sparrow.
Word Count: Around 700, give or take a few.
Rating: PG despite how very NC-17 many of my unwritten fantasies might be – I swear, one such fic will be prompted eventually ;)
Genre: Pirate love, luv.
Summary: Elizabeth finds herself pillaging and plundering like a pirate, but her most problematic discovery is in fact finding out what has been stolen from her.
Disclaimer: Disney owns the characters; I own my own imaginings.
Spoilers: This fic is post-DMC so please keep that in mind before reading if you haven’t yet seen it (and if you haven’t, well…get to it, mate!)
Warnings: This is my first attempt at writing about Elizabeth, let alone from her point of view. I hope I capture her faithfully and present her engagingly…
Notes: This community is addicting ;)
Special Thanks: To some of the lovely writers of this community and others who have made me reconsider my stance on Elizabeth, thus inspiring this wee story; let it not be mistaken, however: Jack/Will shipping is still strongly coursing through my veins and will always dominate ;)

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one day at a time

What'd You Do Last Time? - Challenge #2

Title: What'd You Do Last Time?
Author: mmmfishfingers
Pairing/Characters: Ragetti, Pintel, Jack the Monkey
Word Count: 477
Rating: G
Genre: Gen/Humor
Summary: What Ragetti does to get his eye back.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Although I could own the shovel but I won't because I'm nice like that. :)
Spoilers: Deals with a scene from Dead Man's Chest. But on the whole, deals with Black Pearl.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Based on the Visa Life Takes (talent, patience, etc) commercials and amortentia_gal's icon that I'm using for this post. *points*
Special Thanks: To nazgul_number_7 and elvensorceress for pointing out my love for commas and pronouns :)

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Challenge 2

Title: Against His Word (The Still Beating Heart of Davy Jones)
Author: St. Minority
Characters: Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or the franchise, merely the situations I put them in and such.
Word Count: 358
Genre: Drama/angsty
Summary: Davy Jones dislikes dishonesty.
Spoilers: DMC end spoilers
A/N: bwhahaha. Early morning is the best time to write, I swear to god. ;) Wrote this at 3:27a.m. this morning. Makes me feel good. :D

Do Not Underestimate Him
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st tos: kirk/spock

Challenge #2: Nautical Term

Title: Nautical Term
Author: gorthead
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ana Maria
Word Count: 1,120
Rating: PG-13, to be safe
Genre: Missing scene/whatever genre you would consider the films!
Summary: Jack finds himself land-locked and desperate to sail. Ana Maria learns never to leave one's guard down (or one's boat unattended) in the presence of a pirate.
Disclaimer: The people in this fic you're about to read? I didn't invent them, and I'm only playing with them for fun. Proof: The people who did invent them are much richer than I am.
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Drunkenness and mentions of sex - nothing too shocking.
Notes: This is the story behind "You stole my boat!" "Borrowed! Borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back." I only had a few hours of free time to write today (woe), so it's not as finished as I might have liked, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless.
Special Thanks: Again, supermeghan for reading it over for me and making sure I hadn't made any exceedingly embarrassing typos. Also, Jack Sparrow, for being so deliciously fun.
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