Jesi Leigh (pyraterose) wrote in piratechallenge,
Jesi Leigh

Title: Scars That Never Heal
Author:pyraterose or Keira
Pairing/Characters: past Elizabeth/Will, present Elizabeth/Jack, Estella/Will
Word Count: 438
Rating: G
Genre: general/angst
Summary: Will reflects on the sacrifices he's made for a love he's lost and the marks she left.
Disclaimer: The mouse owns it :(
Spoilers: none....
Warnings: none.
Special Thanks:jangojips
for proofing for me last night *squishes*

Sometimes his mind would wonder and his gaze would drift down to his hand, specifically his palm, where the shiny white scar stretched from pinkie to thumb. In those moments he was reminded of the sacrifices he had made for her.

Every so often, as they lay in bed at night, his wife would trace along the mysterious scars on his back with her dainty fingertips. She did not know the story behind them, but every time he felt her drag her finger along the trail one of them made as they crisscrossed, his heart burned with jealousy and rage and hurt and he was reminded again of what he had lost and to whom he had lost it.

Estella would never ask about the marks on her husband’s body; scars from another life, one he had not shared with her, but another woman, years ago. A woman who, though she had not caused them directly, had certainly been the cause. Scars he had once bared with pride now became painful reminders of his lost love. And although Estella knew he loved her, she also knew that he could never love her as much as he loved her; the other woman. The one who had disgraced her family, father and fiancée by running off to become a pirate. That was all Estella knew of the subject.

But he knew better. He had seen her with the pirate. Watched her fall into his arms and kiss him fiercely after he had been rescued from World’s End. He had been the one left behind when she revealed that she was in love with the pirate. He was the one to close up his heart and turn away from any other who would love him. Even Estella truly meant nothing to him; though she would never realize it. She was his wife and the mother of his children, true enough, but he certainly didn’t love her. In fact, he had never felt even the slightest bit for Estella what he’d felt for Elizabeth.

Once in awhile, a ship would pull into the harbor at Port Royale. It’s captain finally convinced to take up employment with the East India Company and become a privateer for England. A ship with black sails. He could see the ship from his window and would gaze longingly from it, searing pain rushing through him, his scars burning. Once in a while, he would catch sight of a woman on the deck of this ship with black sails. A beautiful woman with golden hair. The woman for whom he bared these scars. Scars that would never heal.

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