vintage__cherry (vintage__cherry) wrote in piratechallenge,

Challenge #6

Title: Of blood, war and betrayal.
Author: vintage__cherry
Characters: James Norrington slight mention of Elizabeth Swann.
Word Count: 222
Rating: PG
Genre: Erm…I have no idea.
Summary: James’ first scar and what it will lead to.
Disclaimer: Own nothing, wish I could characters belong to the mouse…unfortunately.
Spoilers: None unless you haven’t seen Curse of the Black Pearl
Warnings: none
Notes: none
Special Thanks: to elvensorceress for putting up with my whining.

A bullet, a blade they create us born of blood, war and betrayal.
Heroic warriors crumple to the floor, like Rag dolls.
Screams and wails pierce the air.
Pain is their ally, misery their brother in arms.
All fall down in the end, but not all are dead.

Lest we forget, the one with so many scars and yet so few stories.

James is fifteen when he has his first taste of our sting.
A stray musket ball to the shoulder.
Meant for his Captain instead, we claim his flesh for our own.
Slicing body, shredding flesh and muscle, hits bone.
Our destruction ends.
Still conscious blanking out the pain; he fights till the victory is won.
And not a moment sooner.

Their most precious tin soldier barley of age and yet his skin bares our mark.
And forever shall.
A mark of time, a fate revealed, a destiny discovered.

The Great Pirate Hunter, born of blood, war and betrayal.
Scars, hidden beneath a uniform, regulation and propriety.

Yet the sights his eyes are yet to see, the betrayal he will know.
We will never bear as must pain as the one she will create.
A scar that cannot be seen, and one that will never heal.

“Is this where your heart truly lies?”
“It is.”

Commodore James Norrington & Elizabeth Swann.
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