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Challenge # Six: A Pirate and a Good Man

Title: A Pirate and a Good Man.
Author: ZZ
Pairing/Characters: None
Word Count: 410
Rating: PG
Genre: vignette
Summary: Jack has an inner monologue with his younger self as he escapes from the Kraken
Disclaimer: None
Spoilers: Dead Man's Chest
Warnings: None
Notes: Although the the dialogue takes place in Jack's mind, older Jack's thoughts will be written in "quotes" while younger Jack will be italicized.
Special Thanks: my betas

Jack's muscles ached as he pushed his way through the open sea as fast as he could manage. The sounds of the attacking Kraken and even the screams of his men had all but died out in his mind as he focused on his escape. He was not going to die out here. Jack Sparrow was not going to be done in by some bloody great squid. In his haste to get away Jack lost his grip on the oar and it nearly slipped through his fingers. At the last moment he managed to grab ahold of the very end and yank it back up. The jerking motion had lifted Jack's sleeve up and his 'P' brand shown clearly, scarred white through his tanned skin. The braided pirate stopped rowing for a moment and looked back out at the Pearl.

Can't do it, can you mate?

"Pirate, pirate, pirate," he reminded himself and lifted the oar to make good his escape, but his arms wouldn't move. Annoyed, Jack again tried to mentally will himself to row but his body did not want to respond. He dared a glance upwards.

You used to hate pirates! So stop hiding behind that scar and go back and save me ship.

Kohl rimmed eyes watched the Kraken rip apart the Black Pearl, the only thing Jack had ever loved. Why did he suddenly care so much? He glanced back around at the island behind him. The sea stretching out before it's shores seemed infinitely longer than it had moments ago. Jack looked back down at the scar. Cutler Beckett, the East India Trading Company, and the world saw him as a pirate, so why did he suddenly feel a long lost sensation tugging on the ends of his soul. He whipped out the compass and popped it open. The needle swung straight the way it always had. To freedom. His heart lay on the Pearl. If he left her now he would be as much separated from his heart as Davy Jones.

See, the compass knows. The lass knows. Interesting lass that one. She has stirred something in you hasn't she? A need to be something better than you are now, ay?

Jack smirked.

"Curiosity killed the pirate, mate. But if I am going to die might as well not die curious."

He turned the boat around and started to row back. Maybe it wasn't the most piratical decision he ever made, but then again maybe Jack Sparrow wasn't just a pirate. Maybe he was also a good man.
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