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Title: Merely a Fleeting Desire
Author:pyraterose  aka Kee or Keira, you choose. ^_^
Pairing/Characters: past Norry/Elizabeth, present Will/Elizabeth and present Jack/Elizabeth. My that woman gets around! Lucky wench.
Word Count: 660
Rating: erm...PG for a swear word.
Genre: General.
Summary: Lizzie's a player. The two men who's hearts she's broken reflect as they see her messing around with a certain pirate captain on two different occasions.
Disclaimer: I just play with them. The mouse owns 'em.
Spoilers: A few DMC J/E things and the ending of DMC.
Warnings: nope.
Notes: nope.
Special Thanks: to  and liquidwind two of my real-life friends who beta-ed and gave input. jangojips came up with the title and  liquidwind gets thanks for saying that my writing skills have improved immeasurably since I was 14. Which was 4 years ago. And for just now noticing that I'm better than I was in 9th grade. Dork. And also for admitting she's been secretly shipping J/E for the last 3 years, just like me.

     His heart sank as if it were made of lead as he watched her lips dance dangerously close to the pirate’s. It wasn’t the first time she’d caused him to feel the sharp, stabbing pangs of jealousy. It really hadn’t been so long since he’d left her on the steps of the fort with her beloved blacksmith he had lost his fair lady’s heart to. How would dear William feel when he learned that he had lost her to a pirate?

     After a moment, Jack leaned in to capture Elizabeth’s mouth in a kiss, but jerked away abruptly and awkwardly. The girl muttered something inaudible to the pirate before he scurried away, leaving Elizabeth to bask in her thoughts. A silly, bashful smile crossed her face as she stared at the unending sea.

     “You know,” he said, sauntering over to her with a knowing grin on his face. “There was a time when I would have given anything for you to look like that while thinking of me.”

     “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Elizabeth said quickly; too quickly. But the former commodore knew better. She was a tease. One moment you had her love, and the next moment she would yank it out from under you and give it to some other poor soul. Frankly, Norrington thought, he was quite glad to be rid of her. Good riddance. All he needed was some scarlet woman for a wife. She was Will’s problem now, and so be it.

     Perhaps it was just curiosity, she thought. Merely a fleeting desire. Just the yearning for adventure that caused her heart to flutter whenever Jack was around. Jack was an adventure in himself, after all, and she had to admit that, although she loved Will, a life with him in Port Royale would be so boring. Whenever Jack was around, he brought fun, danger, excitement; trouble, yes, but at least he could break the monotony of everyday life in the colonies. But could she hurt Will? After everything he had done for her? In the end, she did what she had to to survive and to hell with the consequences. She could always explain herself later.

     His heart sank as if it were made of lead as he watched her press herself against the pirate captain. Her lips meshed with his and she pushed him against the mast with lust and passion. Jack was everything Will could not be. Danger, excitement, who wouldn’t choose the pirate over the blacksmith? Still he could not help the feelings of pain and anger and betrayal that overwhelmed his senses as he watched his fiancée melt into the man he had once considered a friend. He’d have given anything to be able to not witness this himself. He would willingly hand himself over to Davy Jones’ Bo ‘sun for another five, ten or even a hundred lashes. Anything would be more welcome, even that. Even a whipping from a man who prided himself on tearing flesh from bone with every swing.

     Elizabeth turned and climbed into the boat and Will could not help himself from bitterly spitting out the words,

     “Where’s Jack?” Elizabeth sensed the biting of his words and her voice immediately went shaky as if she were attempting to hold back tears.

     “He elected to stay behind to give us a chance.” she said quietly, averting her eyes from Will’s as he glared at her. How could the woman he loved so much do such a thing to him? With a pirate nonetheless? Her eyes never left the Pearl until the Kraken had wrapped itself around it and dragged it down to the bottom of the ocean, it’s captain with it. Was she crying because of what she’d done to him, or because she’d had to leave Jack behind? He wanted to grab a hold of her and shake her and demand an explanation, but instead he just took up his oar and silently rowed toward the shore.

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