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Title: A Changing of the Tide
Author: witchbabyweetz
Characters/Pairing: Will/Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned
Word Count: roughly 700
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst and love
Summary: Will tries to understand why Jack took Elizabeth away from him and what this might mean for him and Norrington.
Disclaimer: Thank you Walt Disney for creating these beautiful, fascinating men (and woman, I suppose).
Spoilers: None, really. I imagine it sometime post-DMC, but that’s not really integral or giving away anything.
Notes: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I went way shorter than usual (for fear that no one wants to read me long ones and partly because of tiredness/time constraints), and I feel like it doesn’t explain enough or flow. But who knows? If you’d like to tell me I’m wrong, I won’t argue ;)
Special Thanks: Betas are love – thanks estelendur!

Will turned to take off his shirt. In spite of himself, Norrington let out something of a gasp.

“Who did this to you?” he asked, drawing closer, running an oddly gentle finger across one of the more prominent scars on Will’s back.

“My father,” Will responded quietly.

“Your father?” Norrington’s voice was incredulous. “I thought…”

”He was dead?” Will laughed bitterly. “Yes, in a manner he is.” Will glanced over his shoulder at his old foe, his face drawn tightly. “I don’t wish to speak of it further.”

“Of course,” said Norrington, setting his features just as firmly. He tossed Will one of his shirts. “On to business then,” he murmured, studying the boy as he fumbled with the buttons. Will’s fingers betrayed him; something clearly was bothering him.

“Maybe he thought he was doing me a favor,” Will muttered. “Came up behind me and whipped me for all he was worth before anyone else could. So no one else would…”

”What are you talking about?” Norrington furrowed his brow.

“Jack,” said Will, looking up, shirt only half buttoned. He shook his head. “I’m talking about Jack. He may have just done the right thing yet. For everyone. She left you; she would’ve left me. She’s got more of the sea in her blood than I do; she changes with the tide. She’ll do just about anything to fight against it. So much passion…” Will smiled wryly. “It’s why I loved her. It’s why he loves her.” Will bit at his lip momentarily, drawing a small trickle of blood that Norrington found himself staring at, hypnotized, as Will went on, unaware. “Jack stole her away so he would be the thief, so Elizabeth wouldn’t be, running away someday in search of Captain Jack Sparrow with my heart still in her hands.” He laughed softly. “It’s better this way.”

“So you no longer intend to go after them?” Norrington asked, licking his own lips absently just where the blood was drying on Will’s skin.

“No, I don’t,” said Will, looking him square in the eye.

“Then what do you intend on doing, Mr. Turner?”

“Well,” said Will, grinning genuinely for the first time, “I intend to start by picking up where we left off. Where’s that bottle of wine you spoiled my best pirating shirt with?”

Norrington chuckled. “It’s right where we left it, Turner. Waiting to be toasted. Do we still have a cause, then?” He regarded Will archly as he finished pouring the two glasses of red wine. “Now that we’re no longer setting off to pillage and plunder and pilfer our way to Jack and Elizabeth?”

“But of course,” smiled Will. “But what do you say to trading those fancy goblets there in for a bottle of rum and you and I try to forget all of this?”

“As you wish,” Norrington answered, setting the glasses down without a second glance. He threw his arm around Will companionably, and the two men left their small room at the inn and went off in search of a disreputable bar to get thoroughly drunk in.

It would seem that, near or far, for better or worse, Jack Sparrow would rub off on anyone he’d met yet. And later than evening when Norrington found himself kissing dried blood and rum from Turner’s lips, he marveled at how different their lives might have been if it hadn’t been for Jack and Elizabeth. Surely none of them would have guessed that it all would have turned out this way, but when the two men woke in one bed the next morning, neither regretted a thing. Norrington traced Will’s scars and Will kissed Norrington’s chest where every medal might once have been, and it took a while for them to fully understand how they’d gotten where they had, but they did…

And, as it turned out, they ended up together far longer than Jack and Elizabeth. But then, that’s another story, isn’t it?
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