Kirke (kirkes_island) wrote in piratechallenge,

Challenge #5 - Irony

Title: Irony
Author: kirkes_island
Pairing/Characters: Will, Norrington, mention of Jack and Elizabeth
Word Count: 614
Rating: PG? There’s mention of whipping after all
Genre: General
Summary: Oh my – well, a swordfight, on a wheel, with added banter
Disclaimer: All theirs, not mine. If they were mine, there’d be less running around and more kissing in the movies.
Spoilers: Well, if you STILL haven’t seen the second part – I can’t help you either.
Warnings: None that I can think of. Hurt!Will and Bitter!Norrington.
Notes: The idea was born because the (non-)wedding in the beginning confused the hell out of me.

This was exactly the kind of challenge Will had been waiting for. Anyone could win in a swordfight on the ground, but a rolling, gigantic water wheel required creativity and skill and fighting against Norrington was a pleasure. He definitely had an elegant style, much unlike Jack’s heedless swordplay. If only the ground wouldn’t move so quickly.

“Easy, Mr. Turner, we wouldn’t want you to fall off. Elizabeth would be devastated to lose her husband.” He attacked weakly, trying to find some sort of balance.

When Will looked a bit confused, Norrington feigned shock, “oh dear, I completely forgot – the marriage didn’t take place. Such a pity. But actually, the irony is quite staggering.”

Will, having trouble to listen, fight and remain on the wheel at the same time, was about to answer when suddenly Jack’s legs showed up from under him, moved into James’ direction and disappeared again. After two seconds, he had regained his running rhythm and the last remark came back to him.

“What irony?” he asked and tried to attack, but his blow was quickly met.

“Well, Mr. Turner, we can form a kind of society now. The former fiancés of a certain Ms. Elizabeth Swan, left before the wedding for the sake of another man.”

Will tried to find an opening in Norrington’s moves but found it hard to concentrate.

“What are you talking about, Elizabeth did not leave me! It was raining!”

Norrington smiled, “Yes, of course it was. I understand,” he paused for a moment to engage Will in some more serious swordplay before continuing, “It is regrettable that Port Royal does not have a church or any other kind of building with a roof that could have housed a wedding ceremony. Regrettable.”

“You don’t understand,” Will shouted, meeting each of Norrington’s strikes, “Elizabeth just postponed the wedding, we are still engaged and – wait a minute,” Will almost fell of the wheel when suddenly running, fighting, talking and thinking became too much to handle at once. “What other man?”

Norrington’s expression changed to utter innocence, “As far as I can tell Elizabeth is rather smitten with a certain pirate and from what I observed, her feelings are not unrequited.”

“It can’t be,” Will shouted and attacked more fiercely. Had he looked to his right, he would have seen Elizabeth standing between the palm trees, watching in utter confusion.

“You cannot deny that we share the same fate and judging by your recent way of dressing, you are walking the same path that I have been on for the past year. You look like you had a series of passionate nights in Tortuga,” he smiled when he saw Will’s anger rise.

“I am not like you. I got whipped,” he exclaimed.

“Oh, so you did meet Scarlet. I never thought you would be interested in this kind of thing, really.” Norrington found the confusion in Will’s eyes utterly amusing.

“I got whipped on the Flying Dutchman. By my father,” noticing that Norrington’s grin was still growing wider he quickly added, “As a punishment.”

The swordfight had become more and more shallow, but for James, this banter was far more entertaining.

“You have to face it – Elizabeth is lost to you as she is lost to me. We share the same fate,” he paused briefly to bathe in the confusion in Will’s expression. “But I am the better swordsman,” he exclaimed and attacked Will with sudden force, causing him to lose his footing and fall, holding on to a beam for dear life.

Will noticed Jack running inside the wheel and all of a sudden, the thoughts in his head were spinning as fast as the world around him.

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