Michelle (peacey) wrote in piratechallenge,

Pirate Challenge #5

This is my first post to this community, my first Pirates ficlet, and my first try at attempting an "LJ cut". Hopefully, all goes well.

Title: Justice Is Its Own Reward
Author: Peacey
Pairing/Characters: Will Turner Jr./Norrington
Word Count: 1583 (including this heading)
Rating: Say PG-13ish for modest, implied slashiness and a hint of implied sadomasochism (no actual acts of such though)
Genre: No romance, little angst, a touch of humor maybe.
Summary: Will Jr. seeks out justice.
Disclaimer: Mickey owns 'em. I play with 'em. No money, don't sue.
Spoilers: DMC, the kissing parts.
Warnings: Implied slashiness & a predilection towards sadomasochism (nothing overt or specific)
Special Thanks: To me for getting this bunny out of my head so I can continue to work on my real book.

Justice Is Its Own Reward
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