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Challenge the fifth

Title: A Gift From Jack
Author: Estelendur
Pairing/Characters: Will, Norrington, Jack/Elizabeth mentioned, lots of stuff implied
Word Count: 433
Rating: PG
Genre: ...I dunno. Drama?
Summary: Will's mad at Jack. Norrington wants to know why. Set after DMC and PotC3.
Disclaimer: I am not an anthropomorphous mouse. Therefore they aren't mine.
Spoilers: Minor DMC spoilers. No mentions of
Warnings: None
Notes: I wrote this in about 20 minutes. Fun.
Special Thanks: To witchbabyweetz for the beta. :)

Will cracked the whip experimentally. It made a satisfyingly loud sound. He grinned, coiling it.

"Will?" someone called from behind him.

He turned. Norrington stood in front of him, clean-shaven and dressed in clean clothing - suprisingly, not a Naval uniform.

"Hello, sir. You look... better."

Norrington nodded. "Yes, I imagine I do. Beckett has given me a position as a privateer in the service of the East India Company. If I am no longer the Royal Navy's youngest Commodore, I am arguably the best privateer in the Caribbean." Will noticed a proud set to his jaw that hadn't been there since Jack had last escaped Port Royal's gallows.

"Ah." Disinclined to say more, Will uncoiled the whip again.

"What is that?" Norrington asked, stepping closer.

"It's a whip. A gift from Jack," Will answered. "I was trying it out when you arrived."

"And why would Jack Sparrow be interested in giving you a whip?"

"He may have been apologising." For a second, anger flared in Will's heart. He suppressed it, hoping Norrington would not notice.

"Apologising for what, Mr Turner?"

"I'd rather not say," Will said, looking down at the intricately woven leather around the whip's handle.

Norrington put a hand under Will's chin, forcing him to look up. "I asked you what he was apologising for," he repeated.

"For running off with Elizabeth." Will's voice shook with grief and rage. He turned away, hiding his face from Norrington.

For another minute, silence reigned. Then Norrington growled, "What. Did. You. Say?"

"Jack. Ran off with Elizabeth. He stole her from me. She stole herself. I don't know!" Will shouted, sagging to the ground under the weight of hidden exhaustion. He closed his eyes.

Feeling a rough touch on his shoulder, Will opened his eyes again. Norrington was crouched in front of him, looking equal parts furious and sympathetic.

"I always knew that pirate wasn't to be trusted. I'm sorry about Elizabeth, Will."

"I suppose you would understand how I feel," Will said softly.

"I understand twice over how you feel," Norrington said. "What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to find them," Will said. "I'm going to find them, and then I'm going to whip Jack with the gift he gave me. I'm going to punish him for taking Elizabeth away from me." He stood, resolute and full of anger.

Also standing, Norrington put a hand over Will's on the whip. "I'll help you find Jack. I'll help you punish him for running off."

Will briefly wondered why Norrington was upset with Jack, but nodded. "We have an accord."

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