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Challenge Five -- This Pirate Fixation.

Title: This Pirate Fixation.

Author: Elske [elskegaderian]

Pairing/Characters: genfic, with Elizabeth, Will, Norrington and mention of Jack.

Word Count: 774.

Rating: Safe for all ages.

Genre: Um. Slightly-humourous genfic? That's what I intended, anyway. (:

Summary: In which young Will doesn't share young Elizabeth's fixation for pirates, Norrington is certainly not jealous that Will's getting all of Elizabeth's attention, and Elizabeth's quite fond of a certain Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine, sadly enough. Written for fun, not profit, and all of that.

Spoilers: For just a few things in Curse, nothing major. Set just after the flashback where Elizabeth first meets Will.

Warnings: ...um, probable historical inaccuracies? I'm good at slip-ups with my historical accuracy. No major warnings, though, it's just a little piece of genfic.

Notes: Inspired, in part, by the part on the Jack/Kiera commentary track where he mentions that Norrington and Elizabeth would have been friends for quite a few years. I couldn't decide what Norrington's rank was supposed to be here - I think the movie possibly calls him Lieutenant, but the novelization refers to him as Captain, and I quite like the title "Captain Norrington".
I am possibly stretching the required Elizabeth/Jack romance, but hopefully I get points for creativity. (:

Special Thanks: To whoever came up with this challenge. Writing this was the most fun I've had in days!

“I think you’re jealous,” teases one of the younger officers, and Captain Norrington turns to glare at him.

“What are you talking about,” he asks, clearly not amused.

“Miss Swann. She used to trail around behind you all day, talking nonstop of pirates and boats and books and everything under the sun. Ever since we fished up that boy, you’re lucky if she has two words for you.”

He scowls. “I am not jealous of a fourteen year old boy. And you need to get back to work.”

“Yes, sir.”

Norrington watches him go, still rather annoyed by the absurd suggestion that he, a grown man, could somehow be jealous of young William Turner. At the beginning of their voyage to Port Royal, he’d been teased about having acquired a shadow in the form of Miss Swann; while he’d feigned annoyance at her constant presence, the truth was that he hadn’t much minded her company. He’s oddly fond of the girl, he realizes; she’s a great deal more intelligent and interesting than many adults he knows, after all. And what man doesn’t like a bit of adoration?

He is still trying to rationalize all of this when he happens across the two young people. Elizabeth is engrossed in a book and William sits nearby, looking rather bored and faintly annoyed. He seems glad of the captain’s arrival and the interruption that follows. “She’s reading. Again,” he informs Norrington. “She’s always reading.”

Without looking up from the book, Elizabeth says primly “I offered to teach you how; it’s not my fault you couldn’t sit still. In a real school you get whipped for misbehaving, you know.” She calmly turns the page.

“Always reading about pirates,” Will adds, looking at Norrington as if imploring his assistance. “She likes pirates; it’s as if she doesn’t know how horrible they are, killing people and stealing things and burning villages to the ground just for the sake of fun.”

Norrington watches, amused, as Elizabeth looks up from her book to glare poisonously at Will. “Not this one!” She closes the book with a sharp snap and thrusts it at Will. “This one’s different. He’s brilliant. His name’s Jack Sparrow and he sacked Nassau port without even firing a single shot, he’s amazing.”

Will takes the book from her helplessly. “She’s in love with him,” he mutters, under his breath.

“Well, he’s a lot more interesting than you,” Elizabeth snaps. She gets to her feet, then pauses to smile sweetly at Norrington. “Good day, Captain Norrington,” she murmurs, dropping a small neat curtsy before flouncing away.

Will watches her go with wide eyes, before looking back at Norrington. “What did I do?” he asks, in a small pathetic voice.

Norrington can’t help a smile for the boy. “The only thing I know about women,” he says conspiratorially, “is that they’re impossible to figure out.”

“It’s only that she’s always going on about pirates,” Will explains, “always! I hate pirates.” And then, in a smaller voice, “They’re why my dad’s gone.”

“You’re right, you know,” Norrington reassures the boy. “That’s why I intend to see the end of the scourge of piracy.”

“That’s what Elizabeth doesn’t like about you,” Will tells him, smiling at the sudden shocked look that crosses Norrington’s face. “I think it’s great; I’d quite like to be in the navy.”

“We’d be glad to have you,” Norrington says, but Will shakes his head.

“It’s no use, I’m a blacksmith already. I was apprenticed at home.” He sighs.

“That’s a fine trade, blacksmithing,” Norrington reassures the boy. “When we make Port Royal, I’ll see to it myself that you’re settled with our blacksmith. Mr Brown does fine work.”

Will grins. “Thank you.” He stares off in the direction Elizabeth had fled, lost in thought for a moment. “Do you think I should apologize?”

Norrington shrugs. “It couldn’t hurt.”

The boy nods, then hands up the book to Norrington. “Here, you’d better return this to her,” he says with a smile, before running off after Elizabeth.

He watches Will go. The book in his hands is dog-eared to what appears to be Elizabeth’s favourite chapter; it falls open to the part about this Captain Sparrow she spoke of. It only takes the captain a moments’ reading to determine that Elizabeth was right; this Captain Sparrow isn’t like all the other pirates. From the exploits listed, Norrington quickly determines that this is, in fact, the worst pirate he’s ever heard of. Still, he thinks, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to the young lady’s father about this. This pirate fixation of hers can surely come to no good in the end.

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