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Challenge # 4 - What A Woman Knows

Title: What a Woman Knows
Author: witchbabyweetz
Pairing/Characters: Tia Dalma/Elizabeth Swann. Tiabeth? Swanndalma? ;)
Word Count: 3000
Rating: arrRg.
Genre: Femmeslash, luv.
Summary: Tia's been experiencing a dry spell for quite a while, but when the rain comes, she finds reviving from an unexpected source.
Disclaimer: Disney owns 'em; I just play with 'em.
Spoilers: This fic is post-DMC so please keep that in mind before reading if you haven’t yet seen it (and if you haven’t, well…get to it, mate!)
Warnings: If you don't want to read about two lovely ladies learning about lady loving, well then...This is not the fic you're looking for, luv ;) (But for any wary shippers, I must note: It's not very graphic, and it's not all about sex! My usual character exploration serves as foreplay, in a manner of speaking...)
Notes: I tried to suggest Tia's accent with some spelling alterations here and there that hopefully are more helpful and faithful than cumbersome or sloppy-seeming. I find it hard to draw that line; it's like, I can hear her in my head saying everything perfectly, but whether or not I can communicate that is another thing entirely. I guess we'll see, won't we? Do let me know what you think!
Special Thanks: My loverly beta estelendur for braving the Tia/Liz action and for all of her comments and advice.

It had been two days and one night now since Jack Sparrow’s crew had washed up on her shore bereft their captain, and the past thirty-six hours had been spent planning and brooding and speculating, all of them wondering over one thing: how were they to find Jack and bring him back again? Sure, between Tia and Barbossa they knew the how of it, but actually going about it was another matter entirely.

Barbossa had practically fallen into her lap (figuratively speaking, that is, though it had certainly happened literally on many an occasion); she had been sending her mind out rather routinely, projecting herself into the realm of spirits and other such things to divine some information (all she had been looking for at the time was someone to tell her where to find a certain herb that she needed), and there he was. Not quite dead, but not alive either, trapped in the nether world, cursing his captors and calling out angrily for help. Tia would have recognized that voice anywhere; it had once whispered things into her ears even she might blush to repeat. And to find this proud man helpless, stooping so low as to ask for aid, not knowing or caring what forces he tangled with or what it would mean? Tia had nearly lost her contact with the dimension, she had cackled so gleefully. It was too much. She freed Barbossa, of course, but it was at great cost to herself and her energies that she brought him out of purgatory. The pirate was deep in debt to her, and she hadn’t let him forget it a single moment he’d been staying with her.

He had wanted to pay to her his dues with familiar and admittedly tantalizing deeds of debauchery, but Tia wasn’t having it. At first she’d been too weak, she told herself and him both, drained from the powers she had been forced to summon in order to bring him back, but now it was different. Now that the Pearl’s crew had arrived, there was someone else who had caught Tia’s eye.

She licked her lips. When Jack and the rest of them had showed up that first time, she had hidden Barbossa away in her room. The witch hadn’t yet been able to see everything, but the bones she had of late been throwing seemed to suggest that this was not the time for former captain and first mate to meet again and make peace. The black mark on Sparrow’s hand only confirmed her suspicions. Something strange was afoot, and she wasn’t about to meddle in it until she was sure of what she was getting herself into. That’s why she’d given Jack the jar of dirt. It wasn’t exactly going to help him much, but it wouldn’t hurt either. Oh, Jack...Now that she knew what had become of him, Tia wished she could have been of more use to him.

Not that she hadn’t come to his aid in the past; Captain Jack Sparrow had, in fact, often found her gifts quite useful indeed. Tia’s memories of making love to Jack (if you could call it that - it had really been more of a wild, animal thing, fierce and fast, she reflected with a laugh)...They were worth turning over in her mind on a lonely night or two. And then he’d brought that boy with him, Bootstrap Bill’s lad, and how jealous the pirate had been when his friend had caught her fancy! Men. Still, the Turner boy was here now, hard at work with Barbossa and the Pearl’s old crew (and a few unfamiliar faces, too) building something of a boat, and she decided again that he really was quite fetching. No Captain Sparrow, but she wouldn’t have minded getting to know Will a little better, teaching him a thing or two; he looked a mite wet behind the ears, and once Tia would have found herself getting more than a mite wet at the thought of this. But his face wasn’t the one that had surfaced in her dreams last night, nor were his eyes the ones that sought hers bashfully before flitting away torturously. No, this was another creature indeed.

Tia shuddered inwardly, an ecstatic shiver snaking from her stomach down below her waist. It had been a long time since anyone had explored that place - excepting herself, of course. The swamp witch had more means of self-pleasuring at her disposal than most; it was amazing what a handful of herbs and a touch of creativity could lead to. It wasn’t enough, though, and it hadn’t been for a long time. Eventually she had quit trying, only going through the motions out of habit, feeling anything at all but for a brief moment. Ships wrecked, men flocked to her island like gulls, most of which she left to the rocks about the shore. She could’ve had anyone. Barbossa had come again, Jack, the Turner lad...Anyone. But what she needed, Tia now knew, was another’s touch.

She hadn’t known this right away, of course. For months now she had wondered at herself, unsure of what her sudden disinterest in sex might mean. She had always been a sensuously sociable woman; some went so far as to call her a siren, luring pirates and princes alike with the song of her lips and the dance of her fingers and hips. They deemed her potentially deadly but inescapably desirable, and she had always delighted in this reputation, savoring each man like the snowflakes she had once had visions of, each one beautiful and different and brief. These men had been as much a part of her magic as anything else she kept with her on the island, and for moons upon moons now Tia had tried to find out what this sudden drought of desire signified. All that she could discern was that a storm was coming, a dangerous one, and it would bring with it three things that, while simple in her mind, she knew were not as they seemed: an unexpected shelter, an overwhelming wave, and an illuminating flash of light.

It had begun to rain.

Normally one to bask in the elements, Tia felt compelled to run and find cover, and under the leaves of a towering tree she planted herself, leaning back against the sturdy bark in relief. Then she heard the sound of heavy breathing, and the witch knew she was not alone. Peering around the other side of the trunk, her breath all but stopped: there she was, catching her breath, chest heaving, hair sopping, rivulets of water running down her neck and between her breasts. The one from her dreams, the one whose nymph-like face and form had enraptured Sparrow and Turner both, and perhaps Barbossa, if her ability to sense wanting was still more intact than her ability to herself feel it. Of course, the moment this woman had stepped foot on her island, Tia had knew that the tide there was changing. She knew it in the way her heart had leapt, in the way the lass’s eyes had flashed, and in the way that lonely place between her legs had been tingling so desperately for the past few days.

"Hey," the younger woman gasped, slumping against the tree with a small laugh. "Some rain! Does it," she paused, panting, pushing an errant curl behind her ear, "do this often here?" Her accent was delicious, Tia decided. So crisp and sweet, at once proper and as natural and amicable as anything. The witch's teeth gleamed in a grin.

"Only when eet must," she whispered. "When the land, she needs something."

Elizabeth smiled uncertainly, nodding her head. "I see," she said slowly. "So what does she need?" Tia thought she caught a glittering in the lass's eyes suggesting something, but maybe she was just imagining. What if her siren song didn't sound quite that far? Amazingly, Tia had never been with a woman before, nor had she had the opportunity to. She wasn't even sure if she'd given it any thought up until now, but now...Now it was all she could think of.

"Refreshing," Tia murmured, at last holding Elizabeth's eyes with her own. "Somzing new." She waited expectantly, wondering what game they were playing.

"Like what?" returned Elizabeth, a hint of a teasing lilt in her voice. "What could possibly be new?" She laughed a little harshly. "I think I've seen all there is to see at this point. More than I've wanted to see, maybe."

Tia regarded her seriously. "And what do you mean, girl?" she asked.

Elizabeth shook her head. "Nevermind. It's nothing," she sighed with a soft smile, looking away. Tia cursed in her head.

"Some say that ze rain comes to wash away sins," Tia started again, speaking more swiftly, insistently. "Take away hurts."

Now it was Elizabeth that stared into Tia's eyes unflinchingly. "Maybe."

Tia nodded. "Some people zey fear ze storm. Zey are afraid of ze unknown," she laughed. "Well, how can anybody know?"

Elizabeth smirked, eyebrow raised. "You mean to say that you don't know?"

"Ah," smiled Tia, wagging her finger, "not even Tia Dalma knows everyzing. But I goes on anyway. Living." She licked her lips slightly, almost imperceptibly. "Loving." Elizabeth's face was still, revealing nothing but that she was thinking. "Do you love anyone, girl?"

"Please," said the younger woman, "call me Elizabeth. And no, no I don't. I don't think so," she said, biting her lip. "Not like I thought, not anymore."

"I see." Tia summoned strength within her, no magic, but simple yet so hard to summon bravery, and she touched her fingers to Elizabeth's lips, as though trying to wipe away the pain the girl had bitten down on them with.

"Do you?" asked Elizabeth, her eyes darkening mysteriously, removing Tia's hand from her face and holding it tightly in her own. "Can you see what's going to happen next?"

Before Tia could offer an answer, Elizabeth pushed the witch womman's hand against the tree, pressing their bodies together, crushing her lips into Tia's lips. Tia had not expected this. She responded in kind, her free hand stroking Elizabeth's hair and face, lingering on the soft, cool flesh of her cheek.

"And what was zat for, Elizabeth?" purred the witch, savoring the taste of the woman's name on her tongue, so foreign and strange, a woman's name.

Elizabeth regarded her coquettishly. "I want to see something I haven't yet seen," she said.

"And what does you zink there ees to see here?" Tia asked, not sure if she was teasing or herself questioning. For a moment, she felt old, older than she looked but not quite as old as she was, and she wondered what anyone had ever seen in her, what this woman could possibly want to see.

"Somezing new," Elizabeth mocked playfully, and Tia melted gratefully into her kiss. This was something new indeed, but it felt as natural as breathing. The women went on like this for some time, flirting and sparring with lips and teeth, clever quips and kisses and nips at the ear or the neck, but at some point they both had to stop to catch their breath.

"Ees zat what you had een mind?" Tia asked, almost shyly. She never would have guessed that Elizabeth would have shared her longings, let alone returned them so quickly and expertly. She thought she vaguely recalled something about this being the Turner lad's lass; perhaps Elizabeth was not as wet behind the ears as he, Tia mused delightedly.

A flash of lightning lit up the girl's face, revealing a similarly shy smile. "Sort of," Elizabeth whispered softly. "I thought..." she trailed off, looking down. Tia took Elizabeth's chin in her hands gently and brought them face to face once more.

"Ees somezing wrong?" Tia asked with concern. She hoped that she hadn't done anything wrong, anything to offend the girl, because the desire that had risen up inside her the moment that they had first touched lips was more intense than anything Tia could ever remember feeling. Every kiss had been like the moment the witch had first laid eyes on Elizabeth multiplied countless times. She had to remind herself that this was different; she couldn't simply abandon herself to her more animal passions. Why was it different? Tia wasn't sure; she wasn't sure of a lot right then. All she knew was that she must do everything right because she never wanted this moment to end.

Elizabeth closed her eyes and brought her hands to Tia's hands, her touch as light and sensuous as the caress of a feather. "I want more," she whispered, almost inaudibly, and Tia honestly thought that she might faint with relief.

"More?" Tia smirked, a more mischievious smile lighting upon her lips. Elizabeth opened her eyes and nodded with a grin. "What more ees zere?"

Elizabeth's tongue slid over her lips, and it was all that Tia could do to keep from meeting it with her own. "I think you know," Elizabeth said.

Tia raised her brow questioningly. "And you zink you do?"

"I do," the young woman whispered, her hands releasing Tia's to the witch's momentary disappointment. Tia gasped when they touched her again; Elizabeth's fingers had drifted down and pulled up the skirts of Tia's dress. "I think it's something every woman knows," she said, regarding Tia very seriously. "And I've done this with myself enough to know that I want to with you."

"You mean?" Tia almost stopped breathing, she could hardly believe where this was heading.

"I do," answered Elizabeth earnestly, and she kissed Tia so hard the witch almost bit her lover's lip when she felt Elizabeth's rain-slicked hand touch her in a way and a place that only a woman truly knows. They moved in time with the rhythm of the rain, steadily and like liquid, flowing perfectly together, Tia's mouth at Elizabeth's breast and Elizabeth's long, lithe fingers at Tia's orifice. Both women moaned together, lost in each other, hardly knowing where one began and the other ended, Tia marveling at how this began and hoping it never ended. She thought she had seen it all, but then Elizabeth rained a trail of kisses from Tia's lips down to her neck down to her breasts, murmuring velvety words across her dress, and then she was under her skirts. Tia clutched at the branches above her for purchase; as Elizabeth's tongue and lips and the rain sang into Tia's depths a siren song like she could never have dreamed of, Tia felt like she might simply float away entirely. This was what she had been waiting for, the woman thought between gasps of delicate pain and sheer ecstasy.

As the rain continued to fall and Elizabeth's tongue continued to work its magic, a sudden storm of sensation wracked Tia's body, sending waves of pleasure through her, and when the last swell crested and the lightning crashed, Tia let loose a thundering howl and a torrent of pent-up emotion and energy so strong that she had to bite her own lip to keep from crying. Elizabeth emerged from Tia's skirts, her face flushed and smiling. For one moment there was a certain gleam in the lass's eye that reminded Tia of Jack, but when Elizabeth fell upon her, embracing her so wholeheartedly, burying her face in Tia's neck, nuzzling at her with her nose and brushing against her with her lips, all memories of that man and any other faded as fast as the witch had fallen for Elizabeth. The younger woman's love was so honest, so pure, so passionate...This was not the animal magnetism of Jack, the innocent appeal of the Turner lad, Barbossa's ravenous appetite and ravishing...Elizabeth was all of this and more, none of this and like nothing Tia had ever seen or felt before this storm.

In the distance they could hear the men yelling, cursing the sea for swallowing their hard work, what they had so carefully built, their hope; now they would have to start all over. But when Tia Dalma looked at Elizabeth Swann, all she could hear was the sound of their hearts beating in time with one another, and the thoughts resounding in her mind that this was her new beginning, her chance to start over, her prayers answered, her hope. She laughed aloud, amazed that of all of her visions and experiences, she had never seen this coming or considered it before. Tia had long drawn on the powers of the moon and the ocean, knowing them as strong and beautiful female forces, and now they had sent her the most unexpected but unbelievably perfect gift. What do you get for the woman who has everything, all of the magic and the men and the land one could ask for? A woman. After all, Tia mused with a smile soon met by Elizabeth's kiss, thinking of the moon and the sea as the woman's silky alabaster skin melted into hers...

A woman always knows a woman best. And while it had turned out that Elizabeth knew a lot more than Tia would have expected, she decided it was well past time that she showed her young companion what she knew of these things. Like most of life's happenings, Tia mused as she turned a giggling Elizabeth on her back, she was certain that it would come to her naturally. The rain was letting up at last, and not far off she could hear the men start to work again; feeling more sure of herself than she had in a long time, Tia set herself to the task at hand with a devilish grin.

Afer all...

What more ees zere?
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