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Sword Handling

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Title: Sword Handling
Author: Gaya Hriive
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Elizabeth
Word Count: 848
Rating: eh... Pg-13 ish
Genre: Humor, Angst
Summary: Elizabeth challenges Jack to a swordfight.
Disclaimer: If I owned them the visions in my head would be dancing across your tv screen.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: Contains sexual inuendos and swordfighting
Notes: Enjoy!
Special Thanks: To Jenny for making this fantabulous community J

Elizabeth had her right hand resting on the hilt of the sword that lay at her side. Will had made it epsecially for her hand. She had watched him spend hours beating the metal down into a thin strip, sharpening the blade, and forming it just right. He had engraved into the hilt her name in wide curving letters and at the very bottom of the hilt were his initials. It was precious to her despite her separation from him. 

Now she fidgetted with that precious sword as she glared into the eyes of Captain Jack Sparrow. He stood leaning langourously on the wheel of the Black Pearl, his hand idly caressing the notches in the wood. It made her angry that he allowed that smile to dance across his lips. It always managed to make him look as though he knew something no one else did and at that moment it frustrated her. It was worse that the smile reached his dark eyes glazing them with some enticing flicker of mischeif. 

"So am I to understand, love, that you wish to challenge me to a sword fight? I, who have been a pirate for more years than you've been harboring that oh so fearful glare?"

Elizabeth ground her teeth and grabbed the hilt of the sword more firmly. 

"I may not be a pirate Jack, but I think that I could best you in a duel."

Jack chuckled that low rumbling sound and it tightened things low in Elizabeth's body. She was angry at him. He hadn't done anything unusually villanous but it angered her that she cared for him so much. And now he was mocking her, which made matters worse and her anger flared.

"You can say what you'd like Lizzie, but just because one refuses to admit to oneself that one is something that does not mean that one is not the thing which one refuses to believe one is. Savvy?"

Elizabeth shook her head in frustration and drew the sword a few inches from its sheath.

"Do not try to confuse me out of my purpose Jack. I have issued you a challenge and for you to refuse would mean you are forsaken as a pirate. Fight me in a fair duel and let us see who is the better swordsman. And I am not a pirate. But for your dishonesty and treachery, I would not even be in this predicament."

Jack laughed again and his eyes shown bright with a humor that Elizabeth did not understand.

"Very well, love. We shall duel. But, I warn you, you will lose."

"We shall see, Jack. Draw your sword and let us fight."

Jack unsheathed his sword quickly and Elizabeth barely had time to bare hers comepltely from its sheath. The sound of metal clanking against metal seemed to echo through the fog. The deckhands had all moved to the sides of the ship so as not to be caught int the crossfire. They all watched with amused faces as Elizabeth and Jack danced around the deck to the music of their swords. 

Jack lunged and Elizabeth dodged, barely missing the tip of his sword. She stepped sideways to attack once more but Jack descended on her and caught the thin material of her shirt. He dragged his sword down quickly and tore the shirt across her body from shoulder to waist. She stopped, absolute anger painting her face.

"You did that on purpose!" she screamed.

Jack smiled and shrugged.

"I suppose I did. What do you intend to do about it, love?"

Elizabeth growled and lunged for him but he caught her and spun her around in one swift motion. She ended up against the outside wall of the cabin, Jack pinning her from the waist down. She watched victory dance in the depth of his enchanting eyes. 

"Now, sweet Lizzie, it appears that I have bested you."

Elizabeth tried to be angry but she could not muster the strength. The feel of Jack's body pressed so tightly against hers made her shudder. He moved to brush away a strand of hair from her face and trailed his hand down from her temple to ther chin. His hand rested there but a second  and then was gone.

"Yes, it would seem I have lost. I am your prisoner. I shall try to bargain my way back into freedom. Perhaps a private conversation is in direct order."

Jack smiled his mischievious smile and removed his body completely from hers. 

"Sounds fair to me. To the cabin then. Where, by the way, I shall proceed to do naughty and most scalawagish things to you, dear Elizabeth. "

Elizabeth could not fight the grin that spread across her sweaty face as they moved into the cabin and closed the door behind them.

"Well take care Jack. I am an innocent maiden."

"But you can handle a sword."

Elizabeth pressed herself solidly against the front of Jack and gripped him tightly. She leaned in to rest her lips upon his and smiled.

"Yes, I can handle a sword."

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