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Challenge #26

Hello everyone!
Sorry your mods have been MIA this past month. You know school - it thinks that it is the most important thing. Pshaw. What could be more important than piratefic? ;)

Anyway, here is a short challenge for you.

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Challenge 25

Title: Crossroads
Author: summerstwilight
Pairing/Characters: Estrella (Elizabeth’s lady’s maid from potc1)/Groves (“Best pirate I’ve ever seen” guy); Beckett.
Word Count: 3239
Rating: PGish
Genre: General/angsty
Summary: Groves must choose: his lover or his career.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never were, never will be.
Spoilers: PotC 1 and 2, but that should be a given.
Warnings: None to speak of.
Notes: Estrella/Groves is a pairing I’ve written a couple of stories about. This one is meant to follow in that general arch, though it can stand alone. All you need to know is that they are engaged at this point. The entire story arch is posted over on my ff.net profile.

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Challenge 23 again

OK. Due to popular demand (and because I have no good ideas today that aren't dirty), I am extending Challenge 23 until whenever I get home from 300 on Friday night, probably around 2230 EST. So please write something, y'all.
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Challenge 23

Challenge 23 is over. I guess no one liked it much. Hmmm...Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more popular. *ponders* Probably a Monday to Friday.
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